Saturday, February 18, 2012

Journal Entries

(Received 02-05-12)
Here's a couple sobrang ASTIG entries from my journal.  (P.S. Just finished my first journal, 367 pages!  Am I winning mom? :)

No. 1
Phew!  What a day!  Zone Interviews were great!  First, President Sperry gave a workshop on Scripture Marking.  Then Sister Sperry gave one on Personal Hygeine.  (Did you know it only takes 20 seconds to make a first impression?  I didn't :P)  After that we played the Book of Mormon Scripture Chase game.  I love that game.  Maybe mostly cuz I'm good at it haha :P

After that we played Jeopardy: Philippines Quezon City North Mission style :)  It was a blast.  The Filipino Elders are AWESOME :)  They're always smiling, joking around and laughing.  In my first area there were only 2 Filipinos out of 16 Elders but it's mostly Filipinos here.  WOOT :)

After that I had my interview with President Sperry.  It went great :)  He told me that he really appreciates me and that I'm a real asset to the mission.  He said he loves my positive attitude and that I'm a great example to the other missionaries.  He said "You're going to become a great leader in this mission."  Ahhh!  I got butterflies in my stomach haha.  SUPER scary but pretty cool at the same time :)

Victim, before incident
No. 2 (Kalaban Ko:  Ang IPIS) :)
I got in a fight today...... with a COCKROACH!  No not a cockroach.  a COCKROACH haha He was HUGE and decided to show up at the perfectly wrong time.  So I was taking a shower when he decided to run out from under the toilet!  "Yikes!"  I thought, "I can't fight a COCKROACH naked!"  But I didn't have a choice.  He started running towards me..... but then he got close to the door, I opened it and he ran out.  PHEW!  haha :)

I finished my shower in peace, got dressed, and went to WAR. :)  This world wasn't big enough for the 2 of us.  Either he had to go or I did.  And so I set out for revenge.  My weapon of choice?  Size 12 Nike's.  He didn't stand a chance :)  I found him on the curtains and sprayed him with my squirt gun (ok ok.... spray bottle but squirt gun's more fun. Savvy?:)  That got his attention.  All of a sudden I had 2 whole ounces of COCKROACH fury barreling towards me at...... well the speed of a cockroach :P  My life flashed before my eyes!  I thought it was all over!  Then he got within leg's reach...... and..... I STOMPED him :)  GAME OVER my friend :o)  The only problem with being the victor?  You have to clean up the loser's guts haha :P

Haha, pretty exciting stuff goin on in the life of DA BEEJ :)

Sorry it's short.  LOVE Y'ALL!

THE Elder Powell

Zone P-day

Get that corn outa your face!

3 Seconds in the key!

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