Saturday, February 4, 2012


February 02, 2012
Sorry I didn't email earlier this week. We had a crazy Temple/P-day and didn't get a chance to so this'll be super short :(

Things are still going pretty good. So Jan. 21 one of my investigators from Panghulo got baptized and tomorrow a family we taught there will get baptized. WOOT!!!! :D They invited me and Elder Mika to come since we're still close, (only 3 miles away,) so hopefully we can go tomorrow. We might baptize a 10 year-old named Carl Baquiran next week :) I'll have to give you more detail and tell you more on P-day. Just know I love you all TONS!!! :)

Don't worry , I stomped the roach :o) I'll tell ya the story next time :)

Elder Mika,  AJ Urrutia 

"Say hello, to my little friends!" :)

Elder Powell

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  1. I guess it's ok your post is short! I'm mean what are you busy or something? :)

    That bug is gross, but your little friend is cool.