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January 23, 2012
Mommaaaaaaaaa! Oo-oo-oo-oooooo!!! (Let go)...... Haha, sorry, got the Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in my head :o)
Hiya! :) So things are going pretty good in Meycuayan :) It's kind of hard because both Elder Mika and I are new in the area and it is HUGE!!! So we're still meeting ward members, less-actives, and investigators from the missionaries before us.
Yesterday I did the SCARIEST... well.... one of the scariest things I've had to do on my mission so far. We went on splits. But this time.... it was with members... AHHHH! haha :o) For all you non-missionaries(well ALL members need to be missionaries) but for those of you who don't have a nametag that says ELDER or SISTER on it, splits is when you and your companion split up and work with someone else. A lot of the time you do it with District Leaders or other missionaries that have been in the field for a long time. This time I did it with an 18 year-old member that's preparing for a mission. It was SOOO scary because I don't speak very well in Tagalog yet and I have a hard time teaching sometimes. On top of that we're new in the area and I don't know who the investigators or less-actives we're supposed to teach are yet. YIKES! haha, I was scared to death but it turned out ok-ish haha :) No one seemed to be home no matter where we went, I was having a HARD time with my Tagalog, and was scared to death the whole time. But I'm still alive so it was very ok-ish haha :)
My Tagalog's going great! All of the members say I'm doing very well for only being here for 3 months. Sometimes I think they just say that to be nice haha ;o) but I am doing pretty well. I understand A LOT of what everyone says, almost everything I hear I can understand but I have to concentrate REALLY hard to do it. Speaking isn't going quite as well, but I'm studying hard and getting help from missionaries in our Zone so I know that'll start to come too.
Mom don't you dare say you have to repent for not sending me enough letters!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!! NO OTHER MISSIONARY FEELS THIS LOVED BY HIS FAMILY! :) THANKS FOR BEING SO GREAT AND CONTINUING TO SPOIL ME EVEN WHEN I'M ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD! :) I LOVE Y'ALL! :) Sorry I'm terrible at writing letters to anyone, there's just no time here and when there is I'm too exhausted. I'll try and get better at it haha.
I've gotten all of the packages and snacked on that chocolate for a whole week and a half haha(got it on transfer day) Thank you! :)Wow you guys are awesome Christlike people! The only reason I'm a good example to others is because I had great examples that raised me! :) Way to go, taking care of people you don't even know and teaching Hunter and Adam a GREAT lesson at the same time. (We helped a man who had crashed on his bike. In helping him, we found out that he was homeless, we felt so bad for him, and helped him as best we could.) WOOT! You ROCK! :)
Soooo..... You NEED to sign Hunter up for that Bantam League!!! haha, sounds like he's still doing awesome! Pick and Roll at age 9???? WOOT! :D Tell him I love him and miss him and to keep up the good work!(P.S. How is Jimmer doing in the NBA? How was the "Jimmer's All-Stars" game back in September? I heard about it in the MTC but haven't heard how it went.)
Haha, we've eaten lunch at SaveMore and we pass by it all the time on the way to investigator's homes haha :) (You can see it on Google Earth) Elder Mika doesn't know how to cook either so we're gonna ask members for recipes. We have dinner appointments with members almost every night haha. The ward here is really solid and great :) I'm actually starting to put on a little weight! haha(P.S. How does Dad make his 7-UP chicken? Just marinate it in straight 7-UP? haha, I wanna try it with rice :) )
O.K. hope this works. It's in the City of Meycauayan. Coming from Malhacan Rd. Our house is in the 2nd cluster of houses on Dona Consolacion Rd. It's on the right side of the road. There are 2 houses with white/beige roofs. One is long the other is short. Ours is the short one. Big field behind us. Pretty cool eh? haha :)

LOVE YOU TONS!!!!Sorry no pictures or if there's not enough detail, don't have my camera with me right now. Pasensya!!! I'll bring it next time.

P.S. I took video of my first time eating balot. haha, pretty funny stuff but don't know if I can send it through email. I'll try next time when I bring my camera.

P.P.S.Yes I did try Chicken Feet this week :) YES it WAS disgusting! haha :o) Too many bones, the texture was just weird! haha. We had it at a member's house. I also had my new favorite Filipino food at their house for the first time! Pork Caldereta. Mmmmmmmm :)


Elder Beej Powell :)

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