Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year From The Pines!!!

Maginong Bagong Taon sa inyo din! :) YIKES I'm low on time! We went bowling as a Zone in the nicer area about an hour and a half away so the P-day's almost over. It was a blast and I loved it but it has officially killed my Email time :( I'm SORRY! This is worse than you waking up and forgetting to email me for sure! haha You might wanna send a different Email to the ward for me haha, let them know I love em, miss em, and tell the Primary thanks a TON for their letters! :)The NBA started back up? :D woohoo! haha I mean..... I wasn't even thinking about that, I'm a missionary :o)GO COUGS!!!!!! :D How's the basketball team? Brandon Davies and Matt Carlino playing yet? I mean.... haha :o)LOVE the pictures hahahaha! :) EPIC! :) Sure do love and miss my Moose Momma and Poppa Bear :)Here's my New Years Eve Experience:Dec. 31Holy.... FREAKING..... Crap!!! If they don't stop with the LOUD (as in ear-blasting) fireworks soon I might go out there and pour the rest of their beer on the rest of their fireworks! haha :P They've been going for 3 or 4 hours now and it's only 10:30! Where do they get them all?! Pretty crazy ANNOYING stuff! hahaJan. 1So surprisingly I only woke up once last night and fell back to sleep pretty quick. It was 1am and they were still partying pretty hard with the fireworks and music. Elder Sidillo's sick so he woke up to more fireworks at 2am and ended up not falling back to sleep. BAGSAK!! (failure!!:o) No fun at all!
So.. yeah. New Year's in the Philippines isn't too fun haha. Maybe if we had more than one companionship in our apartment we might have done something fun. Oh well, there's always next year and I was too tired to do anything anyways hahaI love you SOOOOOOOOOO much!!! Thanks a ton for the ANACONDA(AIR) SQUEEEEZE! :) Don't you worry about or miss me too much, know that these past 5 (5already??) months have FLOWN by and the next 19 will be even faster :)

Love, BJ

P.S.Next week is Transfer Week and I'll be done with my training! :D Which means that I'll definitely be getting a new companion and might be leaving Panghulo Ward and Caloocan Zone :( Elder Sidillo's been awesome. Also means that P-day is next Wednesday instead of Monday. I'll know on Wednesday whether I'm leaving Panghulo or not but won't know where I'm going or who I'll be with. I'll find that out on Thursday (Jan. 12) Pretty excited for it :)

P.P.S.We have someone planning on getting baptized January 14th :D Which means if I leave Panghulo I'll miss it by 2 days :/ haha. I'll let you know more next email :) Sorry! :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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