Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Days!! I Moved!! :D

Nalipat na ako!!!!!!
So... Gpa Slater, Gma Slater, Chelsey and Kylee....... were..... WRONG :)
Bud Ashlyn and Dad...... were...... WRONG!
Mom! You were wrong :o)

HUNTER GOT IT RIGHT! As if his head needs to get any bigger hahaha :o)I've been assigned to work in the (get ready for this it's a mouthful:) MEYCAUAYAN ward in the VALENZUELA zone! :) Pretty stoked this place is AWESOME :) Before all you English speakers get your tongues in a knot this is how you say it... English style :o) My-Co-Why-An haha :) It's a WHOLE 3 miles away from Panghulo and there's a family here that's related to the bishop in Panghulo. Pretty close to my Filipino home haha. But SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much nicer and prettier haha. Compared to Panghulo it's provincial. I can breathe and it doesn't smell too bad, there are trees everywhere and even big fields sometimes.

Our house is HUGE! We've got a REAL shower! Well.... no hot water (why would I want that in the Pines anyways?) but it actually sprays water instead of a bucket and ladle! :D The area's HUGE!!!! The members here are a lot more excited about the missionary work it seems like. A lot of people have been telling me that my Tagalog is VERY good for only being here for 3 months. And I'm kinda just puking my thoughts into this email cuz I'm short on time and have a LOT I wanna tell ya haha :)

My new companion is Elder Mika from Western Samoa. SOBRANG astig siya :) He's only got 3 months left in his mission so I'll probably be his last companion. He's SOOO good at teaching and Tagalog and basically everything haha. His name's V.J. haha BJ and VJ serving in Meycauayan ward. WOOT :) We're opening an area again which means that we're both new to the area. The Zone Leaders were here before us but got moved to a different ward so we're taking over where they left off. Pretty good place to start haha :)

I tried balot! It wasn't NEARLY as bad as we all thought it would be. It wasn't disgusting, just not tasty haha. Elder Mika likes them a lot, he said he ate 18 in one day once haha.

So SUPER short on time... I'm sorry I wasn't able to tell you more about my new area or send pictures(forgot the camera:P) but you'll hear plenty about it in later emails :)

Love y'all TONS!!!!


Mahal Kita!Da Beej

P.S.S. So for all you technologically skilled mothers out there.... :)Google Earth my new apartment! :) It's in the City of Meycauayan. Find Malhacan Rd. and follow it until you find DONA CONSOLACION RD. That's the street my apartment's on :) It's got a great big field behind it.

Enjoy! :)

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