Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sometimes when you are alone, in the Pines, you make poses by cars of epic proportions.
It's for fun.

Elder Powell..................... MALIPAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WooHoo! For all you non-Tagalog-ers that means that I am transferring(nalilipat)!! Haha, pretty crazy stuff. I thought for sure that I would be staying in Panghulo for another transfer(6 weeks) but at our meeting this morning they wrote the list of Malipat(transfer) and Iwan (left behind:) on the whiteboard and I was under Malipat. Pretty exciting :)
I don't mean to sound like I was dying to leave Panghulo because I do like it here a lot and will miss our investigators and members. But I am SUPER excited to go to a new place and begin a whole brand new adventure :)
Me transferring means that Elder Sidillo and I hihiwalay(will split). It's been a BLAST with him and I'll miss my tatay(father). He's going to stay in Panghulo and train another new missionary which means that I'll have a brother in the mission haha. I will always be the Panganay(Firstborn/oldest) though :) It also means that he gets to stay behind and baptize our investigators.... Lucky!!!!!! haha. We have one Sister (Kenneth Mindoza) that will be baptized next Saturday Jan. 21. We also have a family hoping to get baptized on Jan. 28. I'll miss out on that but I'm glad I was able to meet them and play a part in their conversion, pretty amazing feeling :)
Me leaving also means that tonight I will be trying............. BALOT for the first time!!! :) I promised Kenneth and some members that if I was transferring I would try it for them so we'll see how it goes tonight haha. Sorry mom and Grandma, can't become ang Tunay na Pinoy(Real Filipino) if I don't do it hahaha :o)
So I'll find out where I'm going tomorrow morning at Transfer Meeting and you won't find out until next Monday haha. SUPER excited to see where this takes me. The Zones in the City are Fairview, Novaliches, Valenzuela, and Caloocan. In the provincial areas there's Baliwag, Malolos, SJDM, and Montalban. I'm hoping for SJDM or Montalban because they're in the "mountains" :) That would kinda sorta be epic :) But I know that wherever I go will be the right place for me and the Lord will help me do and learn great things there. Like I said, kinda sorta excited :)
Haha, that's an EPIC dream you had mom! Can't wait till I can give you a big bear hug and me, Marcelo and all my friends can tell you about our awesome mission experiences. It might seem far away right now but as we work hard and do our best to think of and help others where we are the time will FLY by. I know you're already doing that but I've gotta remind myself every once in a while haha :)
Thanks for the info on Bud! I found out that an RM in our ward served with Mitch Wade! haha :) His name's Sherwin Lucas and he is an absolute STUD and BIG strength to the ward even though he's still young. Kumusta ang paghahanap ni Bud para sa asawa niya? Kailangan ko ang impormasyon!! haha :o)
Glad you and Chels had some bonding time, Hunter and Kylee are tearin it up on the court, and Ashlyn's becoming a teenager with the Stake Dances haha. Love y'all tons!!
The couple from the Johnson's ward probably is coming here that'd be awesome! There's also a new Elder coming tomorrow from...... good ol' PG! WOOT! I don't know him yet though, I think it was Elder Farnaby.
That is one CUTE baby Uncle Todd and Aunt Angie!!! :)
Love you TONS!!!!!Send me your guesses for my transfer before Monday :)MAHAL KITA!!


BJ and Elder Sidillo
Go Missionaries.

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