Sunday, May 13, 2012

Continued Help From Heavenly Father In The Pines'!! (Received 04-30-2012)

Hiya Guys! :D

Haha, the rice pouch is still pretty small but it's growing! :)  Not sure what it was but I sure hope it doesn't come back! haha :)  I think it was just a really bad flu mixed with no rest and dehydration.  Doin fine now :)

Mission Tour was GREAT!  Elder Ian S. Ardern of the 70 and his wife came and spoke to us.  He spoke about not wasting our time in last October's General Conference.  They're from New Zealand.  If you think Aunt Esther's accent is cool you have got to hear theirs!  haha it was crazy!  It was so different it was hard for some of the Filipino elders to understand haha.  He talked a lot about helping others to build their foundation on Christ and he talked about the Gifts of the Spirit and how we can gain them in our lives and Missionary Work.  It was super cool.  Sister Ardern talked a lot about Matching the Message.  Saying that since we are  sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ we need to look and act like it.  Pretty neat.

Guess who we get to listen to on May 24? :D  Elder Russel M. Nelson is going to come and speak just to our mission.  He wants to shake all of our hands too.  Pretty excited, it should be REALLY cool :)

Yep, me and Elder Montemayor have been companions since February 23.  Transfer day is on May 15, only  2 weeks away???  Weird!  Time FLIES and time DRAGS!  I say that every e-mail but it's true :)  I've had a blast with Elder Montemayor even though it's been a little bit tough and he's kinda makulit sometimes haha.  We've had a great time together and received a TON of help from our Father in Heaven :)

Ohhhh THAT Zach Williams haha.  Cool :)

That's great that you got to go to Women's Conference again, sounds like there were some pretty cool talks and lessons.  Chad Lewis and his wife actually talked to us when I was at the MTC, they are WAY cool!  Moses was 80 years old when he freed the Israelites??  That's crazy!  Haha, like you said if we make ourselves available for God's work He will make us capable :)

They scored 41 runs in 2 games???  What in the world? haha :) (Hunter's Baseball Team) Is he still getting a chance to play pitcher?  Sounds like he is a STUD of a goalie for that soccer team.  Haha, can't wait to come home and get him ready for Jr. High and High School sports :)

We've got 2 baptisms this next Sunday (May 6)! :D  Pretty excited.  One's a 64 year-old sister named Tes Asturias and the other is a 15 year-old named Jerald Rebenito.  Pretty excited for them, they both have very strong testimonies already :)  With past baptisms, Raymond Punzalan in Panghulo was November 26, Kenneth Mendoza... not sure, Sta. Ana family... not sure, Carl Baquiran was Feb. 25, and Vincent Gomboc was last week (April 22).  Pretty cool to write down all their names and think about and remember them :)  Cool beans :)

Mother's Day!!!! :D  Hmm.... This is gonna be tough.  Our church gets out on your Saturday 11:00 PM.  On your Sunday we have District meeting in the morning.  Maybe I can call you after that and it will be your Sunday night.  I'll get it figured out for sure PROMISE this week and let you know next week.
Next week we FINALLY have a temple day (the Manila temple's been under maintenance) so I'll email on our Wednesday and your Tuesday night.  So I'll talk atcha then! :)  LOVE YOU!!!  Have a great week! :)

Da Beej

Dried fish?  Gross, but fun to kiss :P  Elder Montemayor got a bunch in a package.


I don't know what it is about those action figures you sent at the MTC but I love em.  Maybe it's from watching The Indian In the Cupboard at Gma's haha.  Pretty epic pics :)
Quingey, our sweet little FHE buddy

Avengers vs Gods Army.
obvious win.

Playing games with the members!

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