Wednesday, February 20, 2013

There ARE DOGS in the 'Pines!! Received-2-11-2013

Hiya Guys!

Haha, glad to know you're keeping up with everyone's sports and plays and holding a job at the same time.  Good work go Mom! haha :)  Pretty exciting stuff with those Bball games eh?  Haha, as if Hunter and his teammates needed any more excitement or motivation haha.  (They were getting ready to start their tournament. The coaches got all the boys together and had a team meeting complete with white board and team videos! Pretty cool stuff!) I bet he's way excited for it.  Glad to hear he knows how to screen too, that was a pretty impressive pic :)  Sounds like he's having a blast and has great coaches.  Stick with em after the season ah? :)

Glad Kylee did great with her play too.  Sounds like she had a good time being the villain as always :)  Ashlyn's getting her Driver's License??  That's pretty scary haha.  Remember the time I smashed the running board off of the Suburban?  Good times.... haha :)  Don't worry, Ashlyn will be a great driver.  Just don't let her date any boys till I get home ok? :o)

Not too much to update from the Philippines.  We've got Sister G, Sister M G, and S C lined up for baptism on the 23rd and we're super excited and can't wait for it.  We got a couple new investigators near Sister M G's home that we're pretty excited about but other than that the work's a little slow.  We have plenty of people to teach but none of them are progressing much or acting on the things we teach them.  No worries though, things'll work out :)
Sister G's husband is opening up to us a bit and becoming more involved in lessons.  He even asked his boss to get work off on Sundays but they're kinda busy right now so his boss said to ask after a couple weeks.  He'll be there for the baptism though.  Cool beans.  He used to be a security guard at the U.S. Embassy but now he's a Security Guard somewhere else in a city about 2 hours away.
Sister L is going to move to Texas to live with one of her daughters there on Feb. 21st.  We gave her a blessing last Wednesday and she passed her interview at the U.S. Embassy on Thursday.  We're all pretty excited and sad at the same time.  It's gonna be weird watching somebody else leave instead of being the one leaving with a transfer.  Pretty sad haha.  Her daughter is going to college in Baguio and isn't really active there but comes to church with her mom when she's home.  She's super nice too.

Yes mom, there are TONS of dogs and I really don't like them haha.  All they do is look super sick and gross and bark really loud.  It's like they recognize the missionaries and make as much noise as possible when they see us.  Super annoying haha.  As far as homes and shopping areas in this area the homes are ok for the most part but there are still some shacks like other areas.  This one is somewhat like Meycauayan because there are a lot of relocation areas.  People get moved by the Gov. from bigger cities out to relocation areas out here but for the most part those homes are ok.  Shopping areas... There are open markets and grocery stores.... Don't go to the open markets too often though.

That's pretty awesome stuff that you guys learned from Elder Switzer.  (He taught us how to remember the ten commandments, and even in order!) I'll hafta use that haha :)  Glad you're still learnin even though your over the hill Ma :)

Thanks for the Groundhog Day update, pretty important stuff :)  Happy Valentine's Day to y'all too!  Love ya tons and hope y'all have a good one! :)

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