Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tender Mercies of the Lord!

Mommaaaaaaa!!!!! Ooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Yup!  I can definitely believe I've been here for a year and a half haha :)  It's pretty surprising how much I've grown and seen and done in that year and a half though.  I've still got a lot to learn and even though I've been out here for this long I don't think I'll ever be completely comfortable but I'm pretty happy about and grateful for all the Lord has blessed me with.
BJ and his companion with the S A family in his first area.

Soooo...  I had a pretty awesome experience this morning that put into perspective just how long I really have been out here on the mission.  This morning we had a Temple day (that's why I didn't email on Monday).  When we got there I ran into some good friends.  The Bishop and some members from my first area (Panghulo) were there for.....  The Endowments and Sealing of the S A family!!! :D  If you remember the S A family was my favorite family in the Philippines back when I was assigned in Panghulo.  I transferred 2 weeks before they were baptized and now it's been exactly 1 year and they've already made it into the temple.  Woot! :)  Tender mercies of the Lord.  He set it up perfect so that I'd just happen to be there on that day at that time to run into them.  AWEsome :)  It was really cool to see them and others from my first area and actually be able to talk to and understand them.  They were pretty happy to see me and I was super happy and surprised to see them.  Their now 8 yr-old son ran up to me and gave me a hug haha.  And their baby is now 1 and a half yrs old, really chubby and walking around.  Pretty great.  Again tender mercy of the Lord :)
Picture from last year with the S A family.  They just happened
to run in to each other at that Temple tour also.

So.............  Sister L is leaving for America tomorrow morning and the Relief Society decided to set up an FHE at her house.... at 4 in the afternoon?!  But we've gotta run and go to that.  Sorry this is super short.  Hopefully I'll get some time to finish up afterwards.

Either way just know that I love ya to death and appreciate all your love and encouragement and prayers.  They're definitely needed :)
I love ya tons!  Kita Kits sana!

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