Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Baptisms in the 'Pines!! Received 02-25-2013

Oh, Happy-Day!! :-)
Woot! Woot! :D

Yup, I was pretty happy to see them too. (The S A family) We went through the temple an hour before they had their session before their sealing so I didn't get to go through with them but I was super happy to see them there.  Haha, I'm glad you still remember them, they're still one of my favorites too.  What Bud said is still pretty true about people going inactive pretty fast.  A big part of the reason is that there are so many kids or teenagers that are baptized, or people will get baptized because they like the missionaries and not the Gospel.  But I'm pretty happy about the people we've been teaching lately because I can tell that they like us because we brought them the Gospel, instead of them liking the Gospel because it brought them us haha :)

Joyful Baptism for all!!
Baptisms went great! :D (Saturday, Feb. 23rd)The day was super busy and I was a little worried at first but things worked out very well.  The baptism was scheduled for 1pm but the Branch was having a wedding at 10am and a reception after it and then a branch home evening at 3pm.  So it was 12:45 and we were still the only ones there when we noticed the water was super dirty so we had to drain it (15 minutes) and refill it (15 more minutes) so we started late.  Then the Branch finally showed up.  I was pretty happy though because it was the most people I've seen at a baptism here.  We filled up 2 classrooms with the people that showed up. The Spirit was strong of course and it went great.  Afterwards Sister E, Sister G, and S C bore their testimonies and that was great too :)

Sister G's husband wasn't able to attend because of work but we've been able to teach him a couple times the last couple weeks and we're hoping he'll be able to come to church sometime soon.  Sister is pushing him really hard to come so I'm sure he will soon, I hope she's not overwhelming him though haha.
Lots of friends and family. 
She's already turning into a missionary for us.  She referred a co-worker's family to us and they're really excited to come to church already and seem super receptive.  She's awesome and is gonna make a BIG difference here.

Yup, Sister L was the one that helped Sister G get to this point.  We were all pretty sad about her leaving but it seems like Sister G is still excited to be a member of the church and she bore a great testimony at her baptism.  Sister L only has 2 kids that are members and the one in Texas is not.  She really wants to remain active and I'm sure she's either been contacted by her new ward or is trying to find it already.  Hopefully her daughter there can be taught by the missionaries as well.  Sister L really was awesome, I'll miss her :)

Yikes!  Sounds like you guys were a busy bunch last weekend eh?  I'm glad you were able to continue enjoying the Jazz festival and help Ashlyn enjoy her first date on the same day.  Sounds pretty hectic though haha, we sure do have awesome parents.  Glad your still torturing people and their dates with pics though haha.  TRADITION!!!!!!!!!! :D (That gave me a laugh:)

Sorry to cut this short and not hit all your questions but I'm holding us both back from Basketball time :)  Better run.  Just know I love ya TONS and answered your questions in my head :o)

Mahal Kita!!!
Da Beej

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