Monday, July 23, 2012

Most Excellent Adventure! 7-23-2012

Hiya! :)

Man, I'm really sorry to hear about Brian. (Brian Cook passed away Wednesday, July 18th.) That guy is a stud and he'll be missed greatly but I know he's in the place where he's needed right now and is doing a lot of good for a lot of people just like he always has :)  I agree with what dad said, that Brian would have just wanted everyone to move on and be happy.  Great guy, I'll miss him.

Hunter went undefeated AND won the State championship AND was 1 of 3 MVP's in his first year of baseball?????  WOOT! :D  He's gonna be an athletic star I'm tellin ya, he's lucky he had such a great coach :o)  Thanks for all the details of mighty triumphantness, it sounds like it was just as fun and intense as it was back when I was doing it :)  And yes of course I remember that catch in Spanish Fork... it was sooo cool :o)  Let him know I'm super jealous and SUPER proud of him :)

One Happy Hunter!!

So we kinda sorta went on an adventure today :)  Not only did we drive a half hour away on dirt roads to the HOLY mountain.... We drove another 20 minutes and then hiked and swam (well... sorta) to...... JESUS MOUNTAIN!  Just in case you're wondering that's kinda epic :)  They were both mountains out in the middle of nowhere with Catholic parishes from what seemed like the 1800s and we had a blast getting to them and taking pictures.  We even had to take a bamboo ferry over a river to get to Jesus mtn.  Pretty awesome :)
Elder Powell-Elder Hicken-Elder Miller

Epic P-Day Journey!

Yup, things are going better with Alexander.  He was able to go to church this week and we had a long talk with his mother about it.  She's still a little antsy about him getting baptized but that will hopefully wear off as we continue to teach him and pray for him.  He and his sister, Iza, will hopefully be baptized on August 18th along with the Brillantes kids (Jastine(11), Manuel(9), and MJ(8)).  Should be great if things work out :)

So as a parting note....... I ate dog last week :)  So cool.  So gross :o)  It was just too chewy and had little bones in it.  Don't worry mom, I haven't gotten deathly sick....... yet :o)

Little Hot Dog Anyone?

Sorry this is kinda short, our adventure earlier took up a lot of time.
Da Beej

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