Monday, July 30, 2012

We rode a Carabao!!!! WOOT! :o)

Hiya Everyone! :)

That certainly was a glorious P-day last week and we followed it up with another pretty good one :)  One of our new investigating families owns a small Pig Farm and a rice field.  Yesterday after we taught a bunch of the pigs got loose and Elder Blotter and I helped them chase them all down and throw them back in the pen hahaha.  Elder Blotter got pretty muddy and REALLY stinky :)  Afterwards we asked if we could come back on P-day to accomplish a mission goal for Elder Hicken (our apartment-mate).....

We rode a Carabao!!!! WOOT! :o)  We were all pretty sketched out cuz it's a REALLY big animal but it was super chill and calm.  We even jumped and struggled to get on top of it but it didn't phase it at all haha :)  This was after a journey through the bukid (fields) and wading through a surprisingly deep stream(got up to my chest:).  Havin pretty great adventures here in San Ildefonso :)

Hi-Ho-Silver, AWAY?!!

Haha, sorry I haven't gotten you any of those detail pics yet.  The apartment's not bad at all.  It's nice and clean and fairly new to missionaries.  The mall and grocery store are modern but that's in a different city.  Everything out here is modern-ish but in a small city style.  I'm not sure what the population is.  It's definitely not as crazy as the city but it's still somewhat heavily populated.  Maybe like Pleasant Grove with LOTS of farm fields.  No rodents..... oh wait.... We've had a couple pretty epic mouse hunts with frying pans and empty buckets... fun stuff :)  No roaches at all out here though.  WOOT! :D  We walk quite a bit but it's not close.  It's a 1.5 hour walk to one of our areas.  Pretty cool and really tiring :)

Love the hat, Beej!!

Hahaha, that's pretty funny about Brayden's letter. (His cousin served in the 'Pines several years ago, and had a bit of 'culture shock' when he first got there.) Sounds like just about every American missionary in the Philippines.  I felt that way at the beginning but it's not that bad at all.  I'll probably go into culture shock again when I come back to America haha :)  Aww man!  I wish I was better at writing letters.... Sorry EVERYONE! :P

Go Ryan (Coombs)!  Pretty weird that all of Chelsey's grade is taking off on their missions now.  REALLY weird that I've almost been out an entire year.  I'll hafta throw a crazy party for my year mark haha :)

I'm pretty glad Alexander's coming to church again too.  Man those 2 are awesome.  They pick up everything we teach them SUPER quickly :)  Our District's great!  We have us 4 Americans and then 2 Sisters.  The Zone has 12 people.  Pretty fun stuff. Haha, I'm missing the filipino influence in the apartment a bit but it sure is a freaking BLAST having 4 American guys in one apartment. :)

Thanks for all the cool quotes.  I can see the change Elder Uchtdorf talked about too.  Elder Bednar's super cool too.  Apparently he went to the MTC after I left and gave a talk comparing Cookie Monster to the Natural Man in Mosiah 3:19 hahaha :)  I like the Apple Seed thing you talked about too haha good stuff :) (You can cut an apple in half, and see how many seeds are inside, but you can't cut a seed in half, and see how many apples have grown. So keep on planting those seeds!)

Love y'all TONS!!!!
Next week is transfer week (already???) so I won't be able to get to ya till Wednesday.

Da Beej

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