Monday, July 23, 2012

There In Spirit :) Received 7-18-2012

Sorry there was no email on Monday.  Our leaders snuck up on us and changed our temple day the night before.  So we were super excited for P-day the next day and then they texted us telling it wouldn't be until Wednesday.... Lame sauce :P  No worries, at least you know I'm still alive now :)

Slater Family Reunion-2012-Uintahs

Holy oh my freaking epicness! :)  Sounds like the family reunion was a BLAST!  Kinda sorta super jealous that y'all went camping and canoeing and getting drenched in the cursed tent without me :)  I got a pretty good laugh mom, out of the fact that you tried to fix the dripping tent problem by sticking a garbage sack on your face hahaha.  Pretty embarrassing that Dad wet the bed too :o) (ok, let me clarify, he didn't actually wet the bed, the water seeped up through the bottom of the tent, through both the sleeping pad and bag making it look like he wet the bed!) haha

Cursed Powell Family Tent-Always rains whenever we take it.

Hahaha, I'm so glad that you guys finally got to act on your childhood torture jokes with grandma :)  It seemed like every time we all got together you were all talking about wearing yellow and the EPIC coconut covered cakes she baked for you haha.  I'm thinking we'll probably end up making fun of you for the bowl cuts and puffy jackets you always made us wear hahaha! :)  You'll hafta send me a picture of the puffy vests next week ;o)

Faked Grandma Slater Out-
Instead of shredded coconut, it was shredded white chocolate.

So the work slowed down a little bit out here, but compared to where we started from, we're doing great, so no worries :)  It's still pretty out here but lately it stopped raining and got SUPER hot!  Eww... haha, definitely prefer the rain.  We're having a blast in my apartment.  We've got 4 Americans together and we're always joking around and talking when we get home.  It's been fun, but surprisingly we only have about 3 weeks left in the transfer.... Yikes!  That was kinda sorta FAST!  Haha, hopefully we'll get the work rolling again this week.

Our investigators are doing pretty good but we're having a bit of a hard time getting them to church. 2 of them are Iza (15) and Alexander(10) Sta. Maria.  They are SOOO cool and SOOO into the Gospel and they seem to fully understand it even though they're a little young.  Their Mom is a less-active member named Alma and they've had a bit of a rough life.  Alma's committed sins and is too ashamed to go to church but she lets her kids go.  The last 2 weeks though she hasn't allowed Alexander to go because he has a problem with stealing things at school and we think it's cuz he's hungry.  Alex is such a good, kind, quiet kid and we think that going to church will get rid of his bad habit but that's the punishment his Mom has set and we can't change it.  Hopefully he'll be able to go to church this week.  Iza will hopefully get baptized around August 11 and then Alexander will probably be a couple weeks after that.

Being a DL hasn't been too much of a problem so far.  The workshops go by MUCH faster than I thought they would, especially since my district is kinda talkative and we get good discussions going :)  This week I gave a work shop on Charity.... I'm kind of a bum cuz it was almost all prepared an hour before I gave it but I felt the Spirit leading me and it turned out great :)

Elder BJ

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