Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away! B-) Received 8-08-2012

Soooooo....  From what I heard, we got hit by like 8 typhoons at the same time!  Kinda sorta freaking crazy out here right now.  A typhoon sounds REALLY bad and it can be but this one wasn't super windy like a hurricane.  It's just been raining REALLY hard for a REALLY long time.

Sorry if this is super jumbled.  Just gonna quickly tell you about the rainy stuff.... in a detailed way :o)  Apparently it hasn't rained like this in 17 years.  It might not be the most damaging or the biggest or most deadly storm in 17 years but it has rained 9 days in a row.  Yesterday it rained for at least 32 hours straight without stopping haha.  Kinda crazy.  And that's just here in Baliwag.  Apparently we're really lucky.  Where we're at hasn't flooded at all.  The rivers have raised a ton but it all went into the rice fields.  The places where the rice fields used to be look like the ocean or a lake.
Flooded Home and Rice Fields
Kids having fun in the water!

Since transfers are this week we actually had a pretty great adventure with the rain :)  Elder Hicken and Elder Blotter are training next transfer so they had a meeting Tuesday morning at President's home about 2 hours away.  They left at 4am and........ got stuck :)  That was the day where the heaven's absolutely BURST and did not stop.  All of the big city areas, including near President's home were flooded to the waist and all the jeepneys and buses had stopped going anywhere.  They ended up staying there for a day with the office elders making transfer announcements.
Me and Elder Miller were already excited to get to be companions while they went to Manila.  We ended up having a blast for a day and a half haha.  We still worked hard and taught lessons but we had a lot of fun hanging out together and messing around.  We also didn't have a cell phone so we were kind of isolated from the world.  It was quite the adventure :)

So we're not sure if Transfer Day is going to happen tomorrow because the whole mission except for our zone is flooded but we do know who is transferring.  Elder Blotter and Elder Miller are both leaving which means Elder Hicken will have a trainee and I will get a new companion.
Kinda bummed that this transfers ending. We had a BLAST as 4 Americans in one apartment! :)  It'll be fun to see what happens next transfer.

Glad to hear you're all keeping busy back home!  Can you believe it will have been a WHOLE YEAR this week?  Pretty crazy.

Da Beej

P.S.-We were at an investigator's house and let the kids go crazy with the cameras..... Woot :)

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