Friday, August 31, 2012

Hump Day Already?!! Received-8-13-2012

Hey-Ooooo, Listen what I say-ooooo......,

It was quite a GREAT wet week :)  Even though there was a ridiculous amount of rain here in my area it didn't flood much at all.  Just the rice fields were affected.  The rest of the mission was underwater for about a week though.  I'm pretty sure the members in my last area (Batasan Hills) were affected really badly because they all live right next to a really big river.  If their houses flooded hopefully it wasn't too bad.  Since there wasn't much flooding in my area we didn't have any service to do, we just got back to work after Transfer Day last Friday.
Like you said, the people are pretty used to it.  I've been told there is a HUGE storm every year on September 25, 26 or 27.  Pretty crazy.  They just pick up, build a new house and move on with life.  One of the problems is that people always build their shacks on the edge of the rivers..... bad idea cuz it floods maybe once a month during rainy season.  It's pretty sad but it's just the way of life here.
BJ, Elders Blotter, Miller, Hicken

Sooo.... Since there was a transfer day Elder Blotter is gone.  We had a blast last Thursday going around and getting pictures with everyone.  He got transferred to my last area! :D  With Mama Bagang, Novelyn, Aleli Keil, the Monreal Family... He'll have a BLAST and get a lot of work done. Elder Miller also transferred.... Bummer!  Haha, I had a blast having him as a house mate.  He got transferred to Valenzuela, really close to Meycauayan.

Sooo...... Since there was a transfer day I also have a new companion...... Elder Wu. :)  He's a Korean from China and is super nice and funny.  I'm excited to work with and have fun with him.  He's been on the mission for 8 months but since he has to learn Tagalog and English he struggles a bit with the language.  He's been bearing testimony at the end of lessons in English most of the time.  Like I said he's super cool and funny :)

BJ and Elder Wu

The investigators are going pretty well.  The other day at church I had 1 that wasn't progressing much walk up to me and tell me she wants me to baptize her haha, That's always a nice thing to hear from an investigator! :)
The Sta. Maria kids were gonna be baptized on the 25th but they didn't come to church the last 2 weeks so we have to push it back a month.  When I asked them why they didn't come they said they've made a deal with their mom.  If they don't finish their work at home they can't go to church........ GAAAAH!! :P  Their mom is LDS and everything but she's held them back a ton.  They're totally ready to be baptized but now we'll hafta wait a while... aww man!  But no worries, they're still doing and being awesome :)
The Brillantes kids are gonna be baptized on August 25th.  They're SUPER excited and so am I :)

BJ, Elder Blotter, and the crew.

This week we'll hopefully give a baptismal date to 3 more people.  Alyssa Calderon (SUPER cute and smart 9 year-old girl we met 2 weeks ago, her Gma is a recent convert and is bringing her to church now), her Gpa, and Nicole Pastrana(SUPER cool 13 year-old girl. Part of the family that owns the Carabao we rode.  We don't walk through the stream to get to their house, just to their rice field and carabao:)  Things are going pretty good here :)
[With the rain the last week my shoes have been SOAKED and haven't had time to dry out.  The Merrel's that I love are molding a little bit cuz they were wet but I'll take care of it.]

Things are starting to go well with Less-Actives as well.  My favorite family here finally started coming to church a couple weeks ago! :D  They're the Rivera family.  They have 2 young kids and have taken in Sister's 2 nieces because their mother died.  We joke around with them all the time and love visiting them.  I'll try and get a picture with them this week to send y'all.

Holy oh my freaking HUMP?????  Time flies but goes sooooooo slow haha :)  Can't believe I've been out here so long.  I'm actually one of the oldest missionaries out here now haha.  It's gonna be pretty rough looking back at where I was a year ago and having it be on the mission instead of home haha.  Gonna try and make this last year be just as STELLAR and STUPENDOUS as the first.  Thanks for all your love and support, love y'all tons :)
Hopefully I'll get that package tomorrow at Zone meeting, candy and goodies sound great right now :o)

Love Ya!
Da Beej

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