Friday, August 31, 2012

Baptisms YIPPEE!! Received-8-27-12

Happy Family
Soooo..... They randomly decided to change our Temple day and Pday on us again so here I am mailing on Monday again.  Sorry!  Don't feel bad at all about not being able to send stuff it's totally fine! :)  Our Temple day will be on Sept. 12 now. (Bummer.  He told us he wasn't emailing until Wednesday because of Temple day, so we were waiting to email him until Tuesday night. I felt horrible. Oh well, I'll just make sure he has an extra good email next week!)
Special Day- August 25th

We had a pretty good week and it all ended with..... Baptisms! :D  That's always fun :)  We got to baptize the Brillantes kids this week: Jastine (12), Manuel (9), and MJ (8).  They're all SUPER cool little kids and I was trying to think which is my favorite but I like them all too much haha.  Jastine is SUPER smart and likes acting and dancing.  Manuel is SUPER nice and a little quiet and shy.  He loves basketball and wants to be a missionary when he grows up.  MJ is SUPER makulit (ummm.... no english word... naughty? kinda but not haha) and loud but is really fun at the same time.  Their dad is a returned missionary but he and his wife have been less active for a while because his only day off work (bus conductor) and day home is Tuesday.  But he was able to get the weekend off and come be a part of his children's baptism, it was great.

Yesterday we FINALLY went to teach the Santa Marias' again.  They were the ones that were really close to being baptized but then their mom didn't let Alex go to church.  Then they started getting ready to get baptized again and were 2 weeks away.  Now?  They randomly missed 4 weeks in a row!  Awww man! :(
So we went to teach them yesterday and I'm trying to figure out what's up cuz they're great kids and seemed to understand everything.  Apparently they've been having trouble receiving answers to their prayers the whole time and every time we asked about it they were too shy to say anything.  So last night their mother helped them explain it to us and now I think we'll finally have them back on track :)  Awww man I hope that I can be here when they get baptized cuz they're super cool kids :)

So Elder Wu's still da bomb! :)  It's been fun having a Chinese companion so far.  I've even learned a little chinese! haha :)  Elder Wu is obsessed with animals so we've been getting a bunch of epic pictures with little kittens and stuff.
Cute and Cuddly

Sooooo.....  I'm out of time and my brain hurts a bit.... Think I'm gonna go take a nap. (Man I like the way those words sound:o)

Mahal Kita
Da Beej :)

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