Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meet Elder Mac-Mac! Received 9-12-12

Hiya! :)
BJ and Elder Mac-Mac

Another week.  Another P-day.  Another epic adventure?  Nope, not really :)  We woke up at 3:30 this morning and took a 2.5 hour ride to the temple.  Might not be as exciting as riding an Ostrich but it was definitely worth it :)

Glad to hear you're keeping happy while keeping busy.  That's a bummer that Hunter's team lost but I guess he couldn't go undefeated in all sports for ALL of 2012 haha.  That's alright though, I'm sure they'll bounce back and not lose anymore. 

That's awesome that you saw Sarahy! :D  She really is the coolest.  Also super cool that you got to go to a BYU football game again.  After a year of just hearing results of sports games and never actually watching them I almost forgot that the fun of it all is actually being there at the game haha :)  Can't wait to get back and go to some with y'all.

Speaking of sports.... I'm not wearing red for the rest of this month :)  GO COUGS!!!!!! :D

Happy Birthday to Gma Slater! :D  It's crazy to think that I was in the MTC on her last birthday.  Time flies but drags at the same time haha.

Sorry my thoughts are kinda spasmodic today (woah... haven't used a cool word like that for a loooooong time:o)  I'm kinda sorta super tired from waking up so early.

Nothing too overly exciting happened this week...  Had a few ups and downs with different investigators and less-actives but nothing changed too much.

BJ's District

We're still trying to teach a family but they don't seem too overly interested.  They enjoy having us over but only one of them seems to understand or even care about the message.  Hopefully we can get that 1 and all of them progressing :)

Had a couple cool experiences with Less-Actives opening up to us and expressing their concerns.  With the Less-Actives it gets hard sometimes and we wonder why we're there at times because they don't seem to want to listen at all.  But by following the Spirit a couple times we were able to find the concerns of 2 of them.

We had just finished a lesson with Sister .... again.  She listened and was polite but didn't seem to get out of all our lessons before.  This time seemed the same until the end I felt prompted to ask her if there was anything specific she wanted us to teach her the next time.  Then I felt impressed to tell her that we loved her and wanted to help her.  She then expressed how they felt a little rejected by the branch and she wants to go to church but her husband feels too embarrassed.  Sounds like a simple experience but it was great to make some progress with them.  Now that we know her concern we'll hafta find a way to solve it... oh boy haha :)

Well sorry not to answer all your questions and to cut this a little short but it's naptime :o)  Just know I love and miss y'all tons! I'm sorry I don't get many letters sent to y'all.  I've been pretty terrible with that.  Just know I'm thinking of you all and can't wait to get back and tell you all about it. :)
Love ya!

WOW, now that's some intense creativity!!

P.S.-We saved plastic soda bottles from 4 missionaries for 3 months and..... built a robot/missionary.  His name's Elder Mac-Mac :)

PSS-Don't worry bout me.  No needs as of now, things are going great.  Love the packages and letters you've been sending :) Got a letter from Kylee yesterday.  It was torn open and all that was in it was a torn-in-half picture haha.  Pretty sad story, USPS said it probably got ripped by machinery... Bummer... Thanks for the letter Ky! :D  Also got one from Jason a couple weeks ago.  I'm gonna try and write ya back instead of typing your answer here though OK? :)  Ingat!

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