Thursday, September 20, 2012

Transfer Time? Received 9-19-12

Hey hey hey! :)
Many hands make light work!!

Sorry I didn't explain transfer week better to ya.  In case you didn't figure it out yet I'm sending this on Wednesday and not Monday :o)  Who's getting transferred?  Drum roll please..............  No one! haha.  All 4 of us in our apartment are staying at least 1 more transfer and only 2 people from the entire Zone got transferred.  Which means not much is gonna change for another 6 weeks :)  Kind of a bummer since I like change cuz it's fun to get a change of scenery but the world's not over.  Just means I'll be given another 6 weeks to help Elder Wu with Tagalog, help the San Ildefonso Branch progress and...... get the Sta. Maria kids in the Baptismal Waters!!! :)  I think their mother's heart might have finally been softened enough and they've finally shown her that they are converted enough to be baptized.  When we we told their mom that I might be transferring she got all worried and said she wants me to baptize them.  We still have to wait at least another 4 weeks for them to meet the requirements but I think that they'll make it this time :)

Elder Wu's doing ok.  I think he's really bummed that he's not transferring but he's made a little progress with his Tagalog lately.  President has asked me to help him get more excited to learn Tagalog and help him out with it so we've started doing our Language study together.  I don't think he'll be transferred to another mission.  It sounds like President expects him to stick it out and do his best.  He's a really goofy funny guy even though he's quiet at times and we're gonna have a blast and learn a lot this transfer.
What a cool family!

No P-day adventures today.  We still haven't gotten word on the ostrich-riding but hopefully that one will work out eventually :)  Me and Elder Hicken have had 12 P-days here so we're kinda running out of EPIC ideas for P-day.  Do you guys have any?  We'd love to hear em!

Soooooooo...... I'm terrible at writing in my journal at this point.....  I write spiritual thoughts in my spiritual journal maybe twice a week but my daily journal has kinda become a monthly journal hehe.  Sorry!  Don't be too mad at me!  I just need to make it a habit like it used to be.  I still have about 700 pages to fill up so I should be good :)  How's you journal writing going?

Waking up at 6:30 used to be tough but over the last 2 transfers I've been doing great at dragging myself out of bed right at 6:30 and coming downstairs and sitting on the couch haha.  I should probably start working out so I don't look like a twiggy tree when I get home but that's another habit I'll still hafta work on.

Haha, the whole reason we made Elder MacMac was to give him to a member.  We had been saving our bottles for 2 transfers when a member said she needed 100 bottles for a class.  We decided it'd be more fun to make a man than just take sacks of bottles to her.  It was pretty great watching people's reactions as they saw Elder Hicken carrying it down the street :)

Scripture of the Week: Alma 8:15
I used this in our District Meeting last week.  I LOVE all the missionary stories in the Book of Mormon :)
Alma Chapter 8 is pretty rough for Alma though.  In verse one it says he's leaving a city(area) where the people were so prepared to listen to him that he was able to speak words to them that could not be written.  In verse 5 he went to another city(area) where people came to him from all borders of the land to be baptized.  In verse 13 he went to Ammonihah...... and got spat on, reviled, and cast out of the city.  In verse 14 it says he was weighed down with sorrow and anguished in his soul because of their wickedness when an angel appeared to him and said this:  Blessed art thou, Alma; therefore, lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice; for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God from the time which thou receivedst thy first message from him.  Behold, I am he that delivered it unto you.
Whether we feel like our work or the things we are doing in our life are successful or not, we can, and should, "lift up (our) head(s) and rejoice" when we are faithful in keeping the commandments of God.

So.... yup :)  Still here in San Ildefonso.  Life feels a bit routine but I know that if I will keep my heart in the right place and do the things Heavenly Father wants me to do that things'll work out amazingly :)

Love and miss y'all tons!!!

Got a bunch of pics with the Brillantes Family since we thought I might be transferring haha :)

PPS-Kinda scary to see how big all the cousins and siblings are getting.  Weird :o)

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