Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We've Run Out Of Epic P-Day Ideas, Can Anyone Help Us? Received 9-24-12

Momma!  Ooooooo! :)

Things are still rollin along here.  Had a turn of events with Elder Wu.  A General Authority from China or something like that called us the other day and told him that they've put in an application to have him transfer missions and hope it will happen sometime this transfer.  I'm not sure if that means he's for sure leaving or when that will be but that's the latest on it.  He's still improving and working harder on Tagalog but we'll see what happens.

Haha, I started writing in my journal again a few days ago and haven't missed a day for about a week.  Hope I can keep it up.  Sure makes me feel bipolar though because I seem to have one good day and one bad one every other day haha.  I usually get to bed between 10:30 and 11.  Not much to do other than sit around and be bored whether I'm tired or not haha.  Naah, that's not true.  I read sometimes, joke around with Elder Hicken sometimes, and write in the journal when I don't get to bed at 10:30.
Soooo Cute!

Duck-bowling sounds pretty cool.  Bowling's pretty fun too but we're about 2 hours away from any Bowling Alley's out here in the province.  Feel like we've kinda sucked this place dry of P-day ideas but we just got an Elder in the Zone that likes basketball so maybe we can get some Bball going.

The Brillantes kids are good.  Brother hasn't been able to work for 5 weeks because his company's bus has been broken and they're still waiting for parts from Japan.  He came to church with them the first 3 weeks but now they've missed 2 in a row because of rain and they might be running low on money to get to church which is almost 8 kilometers away from them.  No worries though.  We asked them why they couldn't make it to church and they said they had their own Sacrament Meeting at home as a family :)  Mom and Dad shared scriptures and the kids all bore their testimonies and then they all went into different rooms to have their "classes" haha So cool :-)  Their mom was baptized when she married Bro Brillantes, is a little shy with the members, and is SUPER busy all the time.  She's only been to church once since I've been here and didn't even go to the baptism.  She's SUPER nice and cool though.  Hopefully we'll find a way to help her too.
The Brillantes family and some friends.
Their are a couple extra kids in the pics.  They always have all their friends come and listen to us.  We tried to teach one's family but it didn't work out.  They're just too far out there to get any converts now I think.  They're lots of fun though :)

I've kinda been living on Top Ramen and Jelly sandwiches lately.  You might be right about losing my rice pouch hahaha :)  Ever since we had a house with 4 Americans I haven't been eating as much of it.  I'm doing fine though don't worry.

That's pretty crazy that Ashlyn's already 16!  Kinda REALLY crazy that you've finally given in to getting her a puppy! :)  Must be getting pretty quiet around the house without us there eh? ;)  Man that Hunter kid's gonna be a sports star!!!  Can't wait to get home and see it for myself :)  Hope Kylee has fun with the Shakespearean Festival again.  Has she had here tryouts for the school play yet?
Couple of happy campers!  :D

I remember going to that Temple Dedication (Farr West Temple), pretty cool stuff.  Hunter sure looks snazzy in his suit eh?  Good to hear you guys got together with the Powells!  Hope everyone's doing well.  Let everyone know I love em and think of them often.

Love you all tons!  Thanks for all the pictures and love in the emails you send.  Hope ya know how much I love and appreciate all you continue to do for me Ma :)
Have a good week!

PS-That's great!  You've probably gotten more mail from Marcelo than from me on my whole mission eh? haha, I'm sorry that I'm terrible at writing.  I always want it to be some long great letter but just don't have time for it.  I should probably just start sending short notes.
Love ya!

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