Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Puppies/General Authority/Pancakes And Sausage? Received 10-01-12

Hiya Guys!
Scout with her puppy-dog eyes.

I've been replaced by a DOG?!?  Haha, just kidding.  She looks super cute right now, too bad I won't get home till she's just big and loud.  Haha, I thought you were gonna say that instead of bringing the dog in with her she went and slept in the garage with the dog :)  I'm sure she loves it to death.  Hahaha, you not only gave in to getting a dog but almost got 2?!  Haha, you really have lost your minds! ;)  Glad you're all having fun with the newbie.
Ashlyn with new puppy Scout

Yup, Elder Wu might transfer after all.  He doesn't seem too terribly discouraged.  He's been making progress with his Tagalog lately and his desire and effort to learn it have grown a lot since we became companions.  At the beginning of his mission he had a hard time with English but he's fluent now.  He carries around a small computer/dictionary for english but there isn't a Tagalog program for it.  No new news since the phone call last week.  I'm not sure if anything will happen or not.  We have interviews with President Sperry next Wednesday (Oct. 10) so maybe we'll find out more then.  Haha, the cute little puppies/kitties are at  the Sta. Maria and Velasquez houses.

Haha, I actually wrote a couple of letters this past week! :D  I'll try and get y'all one ASAP.

Brother Brillantes' work is starting again tomorrow.  Which is good cuz he's got work again but bad cuz he won't be able to come to church anymore... bummer.

Good to hear that Hunter's growing like a weed :)  Can't wait to play ball with him when I get back!  Hope things go well at Kylee's tryouts!  Haha, we actually ate PANCAKES and SAUSAGE earlier today!  Pretty good stuff, even better than top ramen! :o)

Nothing too exciting this past week.  Except for a surprise visit from a General Authority... Wednesday we got a text that the DL training meeting Thursday morning was cancelled and that the Area Presidency was coming to talk to the whole mission instead.  We were surprised at the suddenness, and all came up with fun theories as to what was going on.  The whole mission only got together once before and an Apostle came that time so we thought something like that might happen.
Nope. :)

Elder Nielsen of the 70 came to speak to us.  He told us he was sent by the 1st Presidency and Quorum of the 12 to resolve disobedience issues in our mission.  Yikes!  No fun after all.  He talked to us for about an hour and a half about being more dedicated to the Lord, secret combinations, and agency.  After that the whole mission waited in the chapel for 3 hours while he and President Sperry interviewed a bunch of  missionaries.  Yikes!
Elder Wu hanging on and resting at the same time.

Pretty sad stuff but no worries, we'll just keep working hard and not have to worry about disobedience in our mission anymore.  We were surprised at the suddenness of the meeting but it felt like something like that has been needed for a long time in our mission. There have been problems with disobedience over the past 5 months or so especially. So luckily Elder Nielsen came in and cleaned up.

I'll try and give ya an update on the Caratao family (Water lady) next week.  They've made a tiny bit of progress but don't wanna go to church :/
Da Beej

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