Monday, December 31, 2012

MALIGAYANG PASKO!!! :) 12-24-2012

Hiya Guys! :D

SOoooooooooooo........  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I'm kinda sorta freaking stoked to talk to you guys tomorrow.  So this email might be a tid bit short cuz I'm kind of out of it and can't think of too much to say and I'm way too excited to talk to y'all tomorrow to think straight haha :)

Had a bit of a stressful week.  I've been out of it a little bit and kinda unfocused with Christmas comin up but things will work out for sure.  The baptism we were hoping to have fell through because no members (including the branch presidency) were able to come.  No worries though, the S. family is super cool and they weren't worried about it at all.  We'll just do it this Saturday.

Trina has a mission call?!?!? :D  Cool beans!  Tell her congrats for me.  Haha, that's awesome that both Becca's are gonna come over.  That's pretty crazy that they're both going to the MTC pretty soon.  Make sure and tell them both hi for me and that I miss their faces off haha :)  With advice.... I guess just tell them to LOVE the MTC, that Jesus the Christ is the greatest book ever, and that we should write haha :)

Hope Chelsey had fun with Jordface and his fam :)

I'll give you a call on that cell phone at the time you said.  Can't wait to talk to you all it's gonna be amazing.  Love ya tons!  Sorry it's short and scatterbrained! :)

P.S.-Make sure gram and gramps come over too for the phone call eh? :)  Love ya!

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