Monday, January 28, 2013

Transfer Time, We're Stayin' Put! Received 1-23-13

Howdy! :)

Haha, wow you guys are keeping really busy with that farewell/homecoming schedule aren't you?  Pretty crazy that Trent's already made it home.  Glad to hear he's doing well.  That football pic of us is pretty awesome, sad to hear it made your eyes get all leaky though haha.  Yup, it's definitely time for me to put the shoulder to the wheel.  Don't worry bout me ma, I'm trying my best.... but thanks for worrying about me I guess haha :)  Pretty cool to hear that Conner's out on the mish too now.  We are all growed up now aren't we?

Wow!  Sounds like Hunter's a little Basketball star eh?  Not gonna lie, me and the other Elders here were pretty impressed with the arc he got on that free throw you sent.  He was so on fire they sat him on the bench so they wouldn't embarrass the other team?! WOOT. Sounds like I taught him well :)

Little 'Dude-Man' shooting a free throw.  SWISH!!

Soooooo..... Tomorrow is Transfer Day..... And Elder J and I are stayin put.  Woot! :)  He's been one of my favorite comp's so far and this is one of my favorite areas so I'm totally fine with that even though it might feel like a long time here in Minuyan.  We've had a BLAST this transfer messing and joking around in an obedient way and we've got some awesome investigators like Sister G so I'm excited to see what will happen this transfer.

Since we thought that I would be transferring we had "farewell" dinners... no... FEASTS with a couple families.  With the E's and Sister L and Sister M G.  Sister E was asking if I would be allowed to come back for her baptism next month and Sister G was wanting me to visit after leaving too haha.  The people here are DA BOMB :)  The E's were super excited when we told them we'll both be here until March.  S C is turning 10 on April 5.  Same age as Hunter, he's a pretty big kid and loves basketball too.  We tell him he's gonna be the next Shaq :)

Sounds like you guys are keeping busy with the bdays eh?  Happy bday Kylee, Hunter, Gpa, Sam and Wendy!  Weird to think I've got a 1 yr old cousin I haven't met yet haha.

Gaaaahhhh!!!  I forgot my usb cord for the camera to send you the AWESOME pics I got this week.  I'll send em to ya on Wednesday I guess.
Well..... Better go play some Bball, pday's a tickin :)
Love ya TOOOOOONS!!!!!

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