Monday, January 28, 2013

Baptism Time! Yippee! Received 1-09-13

Hiya Guys!
Another 'Fantasmagical Day' in the Philippines!

Yikes!  Who said it could FREEZING cold back home without my permission?  Maybe I should try and send that fur coat home for you guys eh?  Glad you got to go enjoy banging pots and pans for New Year's Eve, should be a blast next year.  Me and Elder J had a fun New Year's too.  I was kinda sorta a bum and fell asleep at 10 o'clock or so though and didn't wake up till the fireworks started going crazy.  We didn't remember to grab pots and pans so he decided to make Sasquatch Calls while I made my best wild hippo-platypus call.... yup, it was intense :)
Happy Days!

We finally got the baptism done for the M, R, and J done.  It was great!  When we first got there the font was kinda dirty so I had to roll up my slacks and get a mopping haha, fun stuff :)  So yup, we got them baptized and it was great.  It always feels really good to do the ordinance.  With running around trying to plan and arrange the baptism and program I felt like I didn't actually get to slow down until the actual ordinance and again, it feels really good to baptize someone :)  Plus it's really cool to tell people that they're clean after they've been baptized and confirmed.
Other than that the work's going ok.  Still trying to get used to being the center of attention in lessons, but that'll be something I'll work on the entire mission.  Other than that just trying to continue to have lots of fun and focus on the work so we can help as many people as possible come unto Christ!  Don't wanna miss anyone that's been prepared for us because I'm worried or trunky haha :)

Woot!!! Go Hunter!  Man, I know how sitting on the bench in foul trouble can be SUPER frustrating, you just wanna play and help your team but your stuck and helpless.  No fun haha.  But sounds like he still made a BIG impact on the game and helped them beat an undefeated team! :D  Good to hear he's being aggressive too, that kid's gonna be a star :)
Woot! Woot!

Wow, got a whole new round of farewells and homecomings to start going to eh?  Haha, I can't wait for Becca to get out here it's gonna be a blast :)  Tell Tauni congrats on her mission call, sorry I couldn't make it (I'm kinda in the Philippines right now:o), and that she'll be an awesome missionary!
Love ya TONS and hope y'all have a fantiddlyastimagical week! :)
Yummy Missionary Food!!  Home-Made Ma!!

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