Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Amazing Temple Tour! Received 4-28-2013

Beautiful sunset at the Manila Temple.

Had a pretty good week.  Had a couple of exciting things happen and got to see a lot of people I've been missing.

Things are still going well with all of our investigators.  We have a baptism this Saturday for R F.  We found her family our second week here.  They've been Less-Active for a good 7 years but their testimony has always been strong.  Her Dad works every day including Sunday but we've helped her Mom and her brother come back to church and her Mom is SUPER happy that they've been able to become active again.  She's only 9 years old but she understands everything very well and is having a lot of fun in Primary.  We hope to have another baptism on May 18 for H R.  She's 13 years old and her parents and entire family separated and she ended up here with her cousins who happen to be members.  She's been very happy learning about the gospel and is excited to be baptized.  This past Wednesday we finally got to see Sister L L again and we gave her a baptismal date for June 01.  Hopefully that goes well too :)

I think the family you're thinking about is the A Family from Meycauyan.  They were da bomb :)  The S family is from Minuyan branch.  We baptized 2 kids in their family, M and R, the super small ones :)

Bud's all twitterpated?! :D  That's great!  You leave that man alone, curfews don't apply to grown men! ;)  That's great, hope things keep goin well for them and I come home to a new aunt or a wedding, exciting stuff!

BJ at the Manila Temple towards the beginning of his mission.
This past Saturday we had another Temple Tour with bringing investigators to the temple.  Guess who I saw there?..... Lots of people!  First one was Elder J!  Hahaha, I miss that guy a ton, I didn't even realize it.  He's doing really well still in Minuyan.  He's training right now and said it's kinda hard but from what other people tell me they're doing great and have a wedding and baptism coming up for one of the investigators we taught.
Also saw..... Sister J G!  She's Sister G's sister that referred G to us.  I smiled so wide for so long my face hurt :)  She said that Sister G and S C are visiting family in Ilo-Ilo and will probably come to the next temple tour.  Then when I was about to walk away she gave me her phone and..... Sister G was on the other end! haha :)  It was great to hear and talk to her.  I really miss that area, it's probably my favorite on my mission :)
Just when you thought I couldn't see any more people at Temple Tour there was one more....... Sister Becca Oliphant!!! :D  Again, smiled so wide so long my face hurt :)  It was soooooooooo fun seeing and talking to someone from home. (BJ graduated with Becca)  She seems like she's really enjoying the Philippines and being an awesome missionary even if it is hot :)  Hopefully I get to see her at Zone conferences a lot before I come home, it was super fun talking with a friend.  Hopefully we'll even be in the same zone together at some point haha.

Keeping plenty busy back home and STILL going to homecomings and farewells like crazy eh? :)  Haha, I don't know any Cebuano, I was just taught that phrase by a past companion.  That's pretty crazy they had 3 missoinary talks in 1 day! (We went to one of BJ's friends homecoming, and they had two homecomings and a farewell all in the same meeting!)

Well..... I wanna comment on everyone's doing back home but I'm outta time.  Just know I love y'all and hope you have lots of fun with your busy week :)

SUPER excited for the Mother's Day call! :D  I'll hopefully call you on Mother's Day itself cuz it'll be Pday here.  Just let me know what details you're thinking next week as far as Skype or call and that stuff.
I'll get ya a jeepney for sure Ma :)
Love ya! :D

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