Sunday, May 5, 2013

No Transfers For Us Received-4-22-2013

Haha, glad you're enjoying my emails Ma.  Hahaha, I'm not sure where the laundry rock idea came from but I've never seen that done here........ Oh wait, I saw someone doing laundry in a river out in the province once.  It's probably something they only do in the province, but not here in the big city.  I just wash my garments by hand in a small tub.  Soak it in the soap, rub the dirty out, rinse, and hang em to dry.  Pretty simple but time consuming sometimes.
Pretty crazy to think that Matt's already getting home. (His friend from High School, who served in the Tacloban, Philippines.) You'll have to tell him "Maot man kag nawong oi!  Joke lang :)"

Hahaha, excited to hear that Bud's on the wifey hunt again and that he seems to be closing in on the right one :)  Glad to hear her Homecoming went well, sister missionaries seem to be SUPER spiritual, dunno if it's cuz we elders aren't enough, but they're definitely good examples.

Haha, pretty crazy to think that Jacob Eddington's already going on a mission.  Where was he going again?  Peru or Chile or something? (Peru) Glad you got to see Jon Boyer at the same time.  Sounds like you've seen a lot of people lately, crazy that everyone's already getting home and I'm comin in soon.

Pretty funny that your ward conference was this week cuz ours was too.  It lasted 4 hours!!!!  Woot! haha.  We had 11 investigators there and for 9 of them it was the first time so I felt pretty bad for them.  I was soooooo hungry :o)  It was a great conference though, the Stake President here is great and gave some great lessons about why the true church of Christ is needed in our day.

Hmmmmmm....  In answer to your question (I asked him if we were to come to the 'Pines, who would he want us to meet, and what areas might he want us to see.) I'd for sure wanna take you to meet the E family, S family, and Sister G in Minuyan.  I'd probably take you to my first area to show you how nice it smelled ;)  and I'd probably wanna take you to a couple families in Batasan 2nd ward, Mama B and Sister M.  As far as places we could go to Jesus Mountain but other than that I'm pretty sure all the cool sight seeing stuff would be outside of our mission.  We'd hafta go to cool islands and beaches and stuff.  Here it's just smelly city haha :o)

Sorry to keep it short but I gotta run!
Hope ya have a great week and know I love ya TONS!!!
Elder Powell

P.S.-In case you were wondering neither of us is transferring :o)
They're splitting our zone in half and Elder H (DL and housemate) is transferring.  Elder J (other housemate) is going to be training a new Filipino.  Woot! :D  Should be another fun one.... With more pictures: Promise ;)

Mahal Kita!!!

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