Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Baptism! WOOT-WOOT!!!

This is what it's all about! ;-) 

Yup, It was great to see everyone at the Temple Tour last week.  Hopefully I will be able to keep in touch with a lot of people from my mission,  investigators, members, and companions.

The baptism went great on Saturday.  We baptized R F and R G.  R is a 9 yr-old daughter of a Less-Active family that we found and her Mom is active now after about 2 months of teaching them.  R is the 8yr-old daghter of an active member that feeds us all the time :)  We had them both baptized on the same day and the Primary sang "I Love to Look For Rainbows" as part of the program, it was great.  And yes I FINALLY took a couple pictures for you :)
Happy Day! May 4, 2013

So Bud's officially getting murried?!  WooHoo!  Pretty sad he won't be around as much anymore but that's great that he's found the one.  Kim sounds like she's awesome, I can't wait to get home and swap mission stories haha.  ( Kim just returned from serving in the Baguio, Philippines mission, and Bud served in the Naga, Philippines mission.) That's pretty cool that she did a FHE for y'all.  Doing a slideshow with mission pics sounds like a good idea.  Maybe I'll do that too when I get home.  That's pretty awesome that she has a lot of carved stuff.  I think there's a lot more carving in Baguio than there is here but hopefully I'll have a couple cool things like that to bring home :)  Never did get my scriptures redone, I'm having too much fun marking them and reading to give them away to get leatherized.  Haha, I'll do my best to get some good souvenirs before I leave this place.

We had a pretty rough week as far as teaching goes.  A lot of those we've been teaching fell apart this week.  They all had different problems or excuses or just lost interest.  So whereas last week we had a completely full schedule, right now we don't have enough people to go to.  Which means...... We're going to start finding and tracting and OYMing (Opening Your Mouth) again!  Zipidee-do-da-day :)  We'll see how it goes.  Heavenly Father definitely has people prepared here for us and will guide us to them if we keep trying our best to do His will.

Even though we didn't get a lot of lessons in this past week, those we did teach are progressing a BUNCH.  We gave baptismal dates to a group of 5 girls that we're teaching.  3 of them are sisters and at the beginning we were teaching their family but their Dad's always busy and never had time to church.  Their Dad really wants us to teach them though and said that if they want to be baptized he's happy about it.  They've already got pretty strong testimonies and are walking to church now without us even reminding them.  We didn't think they were reading the Book of Mormon so we asked them last week and a couple of them are almost finished with 1st Nephi.  WooT! :D  Their baptism will either be May 25 or June 1.

Also have another baptism set up for May 18.  She's the neice of a member that moved into their house last month.  Her name is H R.  She's pretty cool :)  So right now we have a lot of Baptisms coming up, but they're all young, but that's still great as long as they have firm testimonies and remain active :)

My comp is Elder B from San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.  It's close to the top point of the Philippines.  His family was baptized 7 years ago, sealed in the temple a year later, and have remained active ever since.  He's the oldest of 4 siblings.  3 boys and 1 girl.  He's pretty cool and SUPER hard working.  He goes home this November so he's pretty experienced on the mission as well.  We're both trying to continue to work hard and not get trunky haha.

Chelsey graduated from Snow!
WooHoo!  Chelsey's all Graduated! :D  Thanks for the pics, everybody's looking good and looking happy :)  Glad you're keeping busy cuz if we all keep busy the opposite side would be getting bored out of our minds haha.  

Hahaha, that little bro of mine is an All-Star!  Single handedly winning games for his baseball team now eh?  Has he lost a game in Little League yet?  I remember they didn't lose a single one last year.  He struck-out 7 batters in 3 innings???  Is he Randy Johnson or something?!  He hit a triple?!  Man my brother's the MAN! :)  Just remind him he won't pass me up until he's hit 5 home runs in 1 season ;)
How's the Basketball league going?  Has he gone to his tournaments yet?

Haha, sounds like we're the same on the BoM heroes.  Alma the Younger's my favorite and Ammon's up there with him.  One of my favorite parts of the BoM is when Captain Moroni writes the Chief Judge that if he doesn't start fixing up the government and sending soldiers to them, that he (Capt. Moroni) will come and do it for him!  Haha, they're all cool.

Funny BJ!!
Haha, no worries on the mail thing.  Did you end up sending the Easter package?  One of our housemates (Elder J from St. George) got a package with....... A1 sauce in it!!!!  A1 sauce makes ANYTHING taste good.  Even if you just pour it on rice and eat it without ulam!  Pretty great :)

With the Phone Call:
I'll probably just call you.  We can take as much time as you want cuz it'll be our Pday.  I'll call you around 8AM here so it'll be around 6PM where you're at.  Is that OK?  Get it? Got it? Good :)  Can't wait to talk at ya all and wish you a Happy Momma's Day :)  

Oh yeah.... I forgot to wish y'all a Happy International Tuba Day last Friday.  Speaking of which I haven't emailed Dr. Call at all..... Have you? haha, WHOOPS!  Lemme know, we should probably let him know my plans.

Da Beej

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