Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BJ's Still Busy and Loving The Mission! Received-5-22-2013

Hiya Everyone! :D
Haha, I'm still on a high after talking to y'all, (Mother's Day call was amazing!) it was great and I've been looking forward to it for a while.  We did have a great week of teaching.  We got in 36 appointments!  WooT! :)  We had 25 in the first 4 days and were hoping to get to 40 for the week but we got busy with helping with another companionship's baptism, Temple Tour and all sorts of fun stuff.  Hopefully I'll hit 40 sometime on my mission :)
Cool Jersey's!
Haha, don't worry ma, I got my scriptures this morning at the temple and I'm gonna give them to the Leather people on June 5th to do their magic :)  I'm also gonna have them leather-bind my Jesus the Christ book... cuz it's pretty much the best book ever written behind the Book of Mormon and it's probably just as good as the Bible cuz it explains it :)
I also bought me some nice fit pants and a plaid button-shirt for school from the American Surplus store and I'm gonna get Elder B a jersey for his birthday later.  I'll make sure and get pictures of all of it for you so that we don't drag out our picture famine any longer haha.
BJ's companion Elder B

Elder B said thanks for the birthday wish.  Sorry I wasn't able to get you his address last week or shoot you an email... We were pretty busy last week and we've been pretty busy this week too already.

Hahahaha, I'm glad Ashlyn's having a blast in NY and saving her sleep for when it's free :)  Can't wait to see pics and hear all about it next week :)

Has Hunter EVER lost a Little League baseball game???    That kid is a MACHINE! :)  I trained him well.  Work hard.  Play your best.  Show no mercy :o)  That's pretty ridiculous about the soccer Championship.  I always did think that Soccer was a sissy sport ;o)  I hope you guys can get that championship reclaimed.  Whatever happens they're champs for me :) (The team we played in the championships had an illegal player that came at halftime to help them win us by one point. He was too old for our league.)
Hunter's Extreme Force soccer team.
Sorry no pics of the shoes but we had a great Temple Tour again. We were able to have a lot of investigators come with us again to the tour last Saturday.  They all enjoyed it a ton and our new Golden investigator bought a bunch of church books and DVDs for her kids and even bought them CTR rings :)
The new Golden Investigator's name is Sister Q G.  She has 2 kids: K(9) and P(7). Her next-door neighbor/sister-in-law is a Less-Active member that's been taught by missionaries for a year.  Lately we've helped her Sister-in-Law (R) finally start acting and coming back to church.  One day we showed up to teach R, and Q was talking with her so we quickly introduced ourselves and gave her a Book of Mormon.  She told us that she's seen Elders go in to teach her neighbor for almost a year and has been waiting ever since for the day that the Elders would talk to her.  WooT :) Now she's been to church twice.  She knows about the Restoration by heart(pretty much taught our investigator's class about it) and believes all we've taught her.  Her questions and intentions are soooo sincere and she's very excited to be baptized and help her husband do so also when he gets time off work. Yesterday we taught her about baptism and were planning on inviting her to be baptized but she beat us to it :)  She asked us what she needs to do to be baptized and when she and K can be baptized.  WoooooooooT! :)  We gave her the date of June 15th.  Transfer day is June 5 so one of us will likely miss her baptism but she's da bomb :)

Also saw....... Sister E today! :D  We were leaving the mall to go home when someone yelled "Elder!" and I turned around and it was them.  I love seeing people I love after a long time of not seeing them.  Can't wait to see all of you in August :)...... but I'm still working hard and enjoying myself here :)

Hunter's X-Factor team won the 4th grade tournament!

That's a bummer that the other teams chickened out on the St. George basketball tournament.  They probably just heard how good Hunter's team was and gave up all hope :o)  We were all really looking forward to that.  Oh well, I guess that means he won't hafta miss a baseball game right?  Haha, way to keep busy, you guys are the best :)

I was in Minuyan with Elder J from December 13 until March 13.  2 transfers.  No info on the baptisms yet but I'll try and remember next Monday haha.

Sorry there aren't many pics yet but I'll get ya some that I talked about here next week.
Elder Powell


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