Monday, June 24, 2013

Workin' Hard, and Lovin' it in the 'Pines!

Happy missionaries with Brother B helping out.
Mommmaaaaaaa! Oooooooooooo!

Hiya!  That might be one of the busiest weeks you've had in the past 2 years eh?  Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off again? :)
Hunter's X-Factor Team
Hunter's Bball team is the 2nd best in all of Utah?!  WooT!  I trained him well :)  He sounded pretty proud of his man-scar/goose-egg :)  I'm glad they had some time to relax and have fun as a team off the court as well.  That's gonna be a great memory for him, can't wait to get home and see it all for myself :)  They're gonna play at the SouthTowne Expo Center?  That's some pretty high-stakes stuff eh?  A little bit bigger than rec league eh?  He's gonna dominate in rec league after all these traveling teams haha
Hunter getting ready to steal the ball....again! ;-)

Sad to hear y'all missed out on Strawberry Days.  I told Ashlyn that she's gonna hafta save me a Fresh Strawberry Shake from Taco Amigo :)  That's great news that Gma Miller was able to join in on the parade!  Glad to hear that she's made it back home.  Make sure and send her my love.

Bud's all married now eh? :D  That's awesome. Sounds like the wedding went great, you're all looking very pogi and maganda :)
Such a cute couple!

Pretty crazy to think that Heather's already leaving on her mission!  She's gonna do great!  Is she in the MTC for 3 weeks then?  She'll just BARELY miss the 4th of July with y'all haha.  Tell her congrats and send everyone my love!

We had a pretty good week.  We're trying to Open our Mouths more and it's been going well. Heavenly Father keeps placing people in our way for us to talk to and share the Gospel with.  We got 6 New Investigators this past week and we're hoping that we'll get a bunch more this week and that we'll start to get a little harvesting done from all the planting we're doing right now.
Our cute family at the wedding.

We haven't gotten to see "The Work of Salvation" but it sounds great.  With all the new missionaries Heavenly Father is really try to speed up the Work of Salvation but in order for it to happen we all need to stand up and "Lift where we stand".  Nearly all of the real success that we have as missionaries comes from members helping us out.  Just ask Heavenly Father to give you a chance to help in the work and then have the courage and faith to do so when He gives you the opportunity.
Hahaha! They caught me in a BIG yawn! ;-)
Missionaries in BJ's District

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