Monday, July 1, 2013

Maligayang Bati to our favorite missionary in the 'Pines!!!!

Hiya! :D

Hahaha, thanks for all the Bday wishes, I'll try and make it a good one.  Thanks for all the responses to my questions too, I love hearin about life back home, it never gets old :)
Maligayang Bati to our favorite missionary!!!! (July 6th)
That's great news that Gma Miller was able to make it to the Farewell for Heather!  She looked like she's feeling fine and happy :)  Pretty crazy that I'm gonna have a cousin in the field too pretty soon, you'll hafta send my love and encouragement to her at the BBQ and share my love with all at the reunion, can't believe it's almost time for our reunion :)

Gma Miller and Heather

This last week went great with our work.  Heavenly Father has blessed us BIG time as we've put forth the effort to OYM.  We were talking about that the other day and it's pretty funny.  Ever since we've begun to put forth more effort to OYM people we seem to be getting OYMed ourselves a lot more often by other people as we walk down the street.  Some ask if we have pamphlets to give, some ask what we're doing and we've met a lot more people this past week.  This week we had 8 new investigators and the week before we had 6.  WooT! :)  A few of them are making progression already but not many have made it to church yet, hopefully we'll get a bunch this week :)

Haha, Brother B is still working great with us :)  He really helps us be happy and excited for the work and he's gonna be a great missionary.  He's lived here with his Non-Member older brother and sister-in-law for 2 months and now they're getting baptized this Saturday! :D  They live in the other Elders' area so we weren't lucky enough to teach them but they're really cool.  They'll be married and baptized this Saturday, so it looks like I get to go to a baptism for my birthday even if it isn't someone I taught :)

As far as awesome member families here there are a bunch of them but we haven't gotten to know many of them yet but we're working on it and we're hoping to get them more involved in the missionary effort.

Favorite fresh fruit I'll miss?  I'm gonna miss Fresh Mango Shakes a bunch!  They're MASARAP! :) Buuuuuuuuuuut.... I'll have fresh strawberry and raspberry jam instead when I get back :)
With my new scriptures, the guy told me he'd finish them around my birthday but I'm thinkin I might hafta wait another week or two.  They're gonna look AMAZING though, I got some custom designs that are gonna look great.  I'll make sure and get pics when I get them.
FLIGHT PLANS!!! :D Woot! Woot!

Today we went to the Temple to....... get my chest x-rayed! :D  It's something everyone does before they go home.  That means I also have........ my FLIGHT PLANS!!! :D  I'm gonna leave Manila on the 28th, go to.... TOKYO! :) and then to Portland and then SALT LAKE CITY, UT!!!  WooT :)
On the way to the Bus stop from the temple we walked past the "Longest Peace Mural in the world". It was pretty cool... and pretty hippie-ish haha.  Also got a pic in a roadside urinal haha, pretty STANKY!! 
Now we're at SM and I bought a Philippines flag.  Fun stuff :)
Haven't explored anywhere lately but we might go to Angat Dam soon.  Apparently it's gorgeous.
Thanks for all the love and support.  Love ya tons and can't wait to get back there with ya but I sure am enjoyin myself now just tryin to finish strong :)
Have a good one and remember na MAHAL KITA! :D
Your son, Beej
Kapayapaan sa Labas!!! :)

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