Monday, August 5, 2013

Surprise B-Day Party & Adventure at Wawa Dam! Received 7-8-2013

Happy B-Day Elder Powell!!
My family's kinda sorta THE BEST fam in the whole world!... Just in case you were wondering :) That was a surprise if I've ever seen one haha.  Makes me pretty happy that my loved ones back home can communicate and get to know my good friends here and put together a HUGE surprise haha. Didn't see it coming at all.  Love y'all tons, you're da best. (We sent some pictures to a ward member and they threw a big surprise party for BJ's b-day!)
Awesome members sharing in BJ's b-day joy!
I think I just might cry manly tears I'm so happy!!

The birthday was pretty great and we just continue to have fun here in da Pines.  I'm trying to find a way to balance my fun and happiness with striving to be spiritual.  I've found that being happy brings the Spirit and feeling the Spirit makes me happy.  Win-win situation! :D  I'll hafta keep both of them going :)  We also had a pretty awesome sauce P-Day earlier.  We fulfilled a mission-long dream for me and our Australian Zone Leader Elder J by going to Montalban haha.  We went to a place called Wawa Dam.  Look it up on google it's GORGEOUS!!!  I really wanted to take a hammock up there and camp out for a couple days but that'll hafta wait til after the mish :)  I'll send you some epic pics.
On our way to Wawa Dam/Montalban

We didn't have as much success this week lessons wise because Elder C was sick for 2 days. Bummer, but we were still able to make some great progress with a couple investigators and went from 0 Baptismal Dates to..... 2 :D  One is a 16 yr-old grandson of a Less-Active member.  His name is M and he was very disinterested in our first couple visits.  This week he opened up a TON and even asked us why baptism is needed.  It was great and the Spirit was super strong and he accepted August 10th as his date.  Pretty excited for him :)

Brother V is pretty much my favorite person on the face of the planet haha :)  If Christ said that we are the light of the world then he is a flaming fireball :)  He's already got a really big excitement for missionary work and has since he was taught and baptized back in 2011.  He was actually taught at one point by a member of the Tuba section in the BYU Marching Band I knew, small world haha. He just needs to finish his dental work and then he'll send his mission papes in.  I'm hoping I'll still be here to watch him open it.  His brother and sister-in-law had their wedding postponed to maybe this Saturday because of paperwork but it's all them and the other Elders planning it.  We just get to have fun at the wedding and baptism :)
Soooooooooo......   I'm outta time, but hope y'all know how amazing you are and how much I love you.  Thanks for you're love and support that seem to be never-ending.  See ya in 53 days! :)
Mahal Kita!
Elder BeeJ Powell
Can you see me now?

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