Monday, August 5, 2013

Tracting!?!? Cool!! Received 7-29-2013

Hiya! :D

Haha, yup still pretty sad about leavin Sta. Maria but I'm trying hard to focus here on Malolos now. This week went better than last week.  At the mo we don't really have many solid, progressing investigators.  We have people to teach, they're just not really acting or doing anything right now. Sooooooo....... We've focused more on finding again.  And for maybe the first time on my mission here in the Philippines we've really focused on..... Tracting.  It seems like a bit of a scary thing at first but it's lots of fun actually and it's more effective than I thought it would be.  With the woman we're teaching that has 5 kids...... haven't been able to teach her yet :P  They live in a house owned by a distant relative who is Muslim.  The muslim owner of the house saw us teach them in the house the first time and when we left told the sister that if we taught her at the house again they'd get kicked out.... LAME!  Don't understand why people hafta be like that but no worries.  We're trying to teach them in a nearby member's home now but it hasn't worked out yet.  Pray for them! :)

Our ward is great.  It's probably the most organized ward I've been assigned in.  We have meetings with the bishopric every Saturday night.  About 170 people attend each week.  P's our Ward Mission Leader, he's pretty great and works with us about twice a week.
Good luck with Trek!  Like you said... Memories! :)  Haha, not too surprising that your 2 pioneers are acting that way.  I can tell exactly which one wants to be the prettiest pioneer in camp and which one couldn't care less :o)  And you know I'd act, and probably did act the same way as Ashlyn :)  Hope they all have a lot of fun :)
Hahahaha :)  You are SOOOOO Trunky mom :)  Don't worry, I'd probably be in tears too if I was watching missionary homecomings on YouTube :)  I can't wait to get back and give ya a BIG bear hug.  Like you said all of the blessings and amazing experiences I've had here on my mission will only continue as I continue to strive for closeness with our Savior after the mission.

'Veteran Shoes'
He's pretty proud of these shoes....I don't blame him, I would be too!

Hmmm.... As far as the airport, it really depends on what you and everyone else wants.  Y'all know I'm not a fan of the big spotlight but I'm so excited to see ALL of you that the sooner is the better :)  Anyone that wants to, or can make it can come but they shouldn't feel bad if they can't.

Love ya and can't wait to see ya in 4 short weeks mama! :)
Mahal kita!

P.S-The area floods a TON!  We come home with wet shoes every single day haha.

The bishop saw me wearing my "Veteran" shoes and told me not to wear them anymore haha. Guess I'll just save them for a really big flood here :)

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