Monday, August 5, 2013

Goodbyes Are Never Easy! Received 7-22-2013

Soooooooooooo........ I REALLY miss Sta. Maria.  At the moment I'm way more trunky for Sta. Maria than I am for home haha :)  I know it's Heavenly Father's plan for me to be here so I'll work my hardest and try to create a bond with the Malolos 2nd Ward in the 38 short days that I'll be here! :)

The new area is pretty cool as well.  It's in the province but it's the provincial capitol(same as a State Capitol) of Bulacan.  We live about 3 minutes from the Capitol building and State University.  Now when I say that, you're gonna think it's a HUGE city like Salt Lake but it's not haha.  Still mostly province but not nearly as pretty or cool as Sta. Maria ;)
BJ and Elder R
My new comp is Elder R from Cagayan De Oro(same as Elder S).  He's been out for almost a year now and is a great missionary.  Our apartment's pretty nice and VERY clean ;)  Bathroom's better (the shower has a little water pressure somtimes!:). and there's no bugs..... except for ANTS!!! hate em.
Saying goodbye to B and Elder C and the others was super hard.  It was completely unexpected for all of us too, we all thought Elder C was the one leaving.  Everyone had already given him goodbye letters and he even gave a talk in sacrament meeting... and then I left! Surprise! haha.  Like I said I miss them a ton and wish I could have just finished my mission there but Sta. Maria will be a great place for Elder C to train his new comp, Elder J.  I'm planning on sending most of my white shirts to B so he can use them on his mission.

Malolos with my new companion.

Here in Malolos 2nd things are a little bit tougher teaching wise but so was Sta. Maria when I first got there.  One exciting thing that happened was that we contacted a member referral my first day here... And gave her a Baptismal Date! :)  She's been Catholic her whole life but feels that because of that she doesn't feel as close to Christ as she wants to be.  We can really tell that she has a thirst and hunger for knowledge about the Savior and she wants us to teach her entire family of 7. (She has 5 kids and the oldest is a 21 yr-old boy and the next is a 19 yr-old girl.  Sound familiar? haha:)  Her baptismal date is August 24.... Hope they make it! :)

Surprise! :)  It will be a day earlier for you guys haha.  I guess it'll be August 29th here in the Philippines and August 28th back home.  Can't wait to see y'all.  Are you trunky yet Mom? :) (We thought he wasn't arriving home until the 29th, we were wrong. YIPPEE!!)

BJ and Brother P
Love ya tons!  Have a fantastimagical week!
P.S.-As training for living in America..... I ate cereal for breakfast for the first time since..... the MTC.  Wow. I forgot how good it was :)  I didn't like it when I first got here because I thought milk from a cardboard carton tasted weird... Not anymore, I'm Filipino! :o)
P.P.S-That's Brother P.  Our Ward Mission Leader.  He was born with one eye so we always say that he has his eye Single to the glory of God :)

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