Monday, August 5, 2013


Howdy Guys!!! :D

Haha, yup.  It floods a lot here, but nothing too deep yet.  We had a pretty big storm last Wednesday.  It was raining super hard and then there were really big gusts of wind so we thought we were in for a typhoon but it stopped after an hour or so.  We were stranded in a park underneath a canopy for a good 20 minutes though.  Hopefully we can get another really good storm before I take off.

Haha yup, tracting's been pretty exciting and we've seen a little success in finding people.  We had one lady we tracted come to church yesterday without us even being able to teach her a lesson yet. As of now though it seems that nobody we're teaching is really progressing much.  Constantly promising to go to church and then no results :/  But no worries, we're trying to find solutions to those problems and things will work out for us. Still haven't been able to teach the family of 5 again :(  They seem to to have been scared off. Hopefully we'll be able to find a way to teach them again.
There's 4 of us in our apartment.  Me, Elder R, Elder V, and Elder P.  Elder P goes home at the same time as me and Elder V is 4 months into his mission.  We're having fun but I feel a bit out of place as the only foreigner.

Hahaha, I'm glad the girls had a good time on the trek :)  That's great that Kylee was able to find ancestors to be baptized for!  I think a problem our family might have in that department is that we think that all of the family history work has already been done by our Grandpas but like Kylee showed, if we search for FH work to do we'll find it.  Keep looking for it! :)

Pretty crazy how fast the mission flew eh?  This summer went even faster.  23 days na lang!!!!! :)  I'll be home before you know it.  
Haha, I know how crazy Sundays are for the Powell family.  Can't wait to get back and spend one with y'all on September 1 :)  Yesterday was my last Fast Sunday in Philippines :) Man I've gotta try hard not to get trunky here :)
Sorry I don't have any pictures for ya, kinda been slacking in that department lately :)

See ya soon! :)
Elder Powell


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