Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Will He Stay Or Will He Go Now? 6-3-2013

Mamaaaaaaaaa!  Ooooooooooo! :)

Are you ready for Transfer announcements?  Do you want to know if I'm leaving?  Do you wanna know about new companions and whether I have a new area or not?  Are you SURE?!  Well too bad. I'm not telling you yet :)  Mwahahahaha! :)
Awesome baptisms with a miracle too!

Sorry... Just trying to add a little excitement to your Summer :)  We had a great week, but of course the only thing that was on our minds the entire week was the baptism coming up :)  It was great, we baptized Sisters R S, C C, and H R.  They were all super excited and were super happy to be baptized.  Their testimonies afterwards were super strong and there was a bit of a miracle that was included with the baptism :)

The night before the baptism we visited them all to make sure they understood everything that would happen.  When we visited H she was miserable and crying.  She got a really bad stomach ache and had sore eyes as well and wasn't sure if she's be able to be baptized this week.  We gave her a blessing to help the sickness go away.  The next day when we got to the baptism 30 minutes early they were all already there waiting for us.  H was crying and in really bad pain still.  We asked her if she wanted to extend her baptism to next week instead so she'd be feeling well at her baptism but she really wanted to go through with it.  We started the program, and in the middle of the 2nd speaker she was still crying.  None of us wanted that to be her memory of her baptism.  I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to heal her according to her faith and our faith so that she could enjoy her baptism.  From that moment she seemed to cheer up and was much more attentive, active, and happy. They were planning on going to the doctor the next day to find out what was wrong but from what I can tell she didn't feel any pain from that moment on.  It was a pretty amazing miracle that Heavenly Father blessed us to witness.  The power of Faith and Prayer cannot be doubted, I know it's a real thing.
Happiness in the 'Pines
Sunday was Testimony Meeting.... It was great! :)  The testimonies of those we have taught are soooo strong.  R S, who's 15, was one of the first to bear testimony and the spirit was very strong. She bore testimony that this is the true church, she knows the Book of Mormon is true because she reads it and is already in Mosiah, and that she wants to serve a mission when she's older.  WooT!!! :) She's one of a group of 5 13-16 yr. old girls we've taught.  At first I didn't think anything would come of it cuz they're young but their testimonies are soooo strong and the Young Women's group has embraced them and they all want to serve missions.  Heavenly Father provides a way :)

Later on in the meeting the Golden Investigator I told you about last week Q G, bore testimony as well.  She still has 2 or 3 weeks before she'll be baptized but she bore such a strong testimony of the truth of the church and how it has already changed her life.  She also called me and Elder B her angels haha.  I love it when our people stand up in testimony meetings, it's a great feeling.
One hard......

So yup... the work's going great here and the ward is very excited and involved in it now.  We've got 5 baptisms set up over the next 2 or 3 weeks and they've all been ready to be baptized for a couple weeks.  Of course, with everything going so well.... What would you expect?.....
working missionary's.....

I'm Transferring!!!!! haha, Did I scare ya into thinking I wouldn't tell you the results? :) Got the text last night in the middle of a Family Home Evening.  They told me where I'm going and who my comp is. My new (and probably last) area is.......  Sta. Maria, Bulacan!!! In the Meycauayan Zone, goin back to the old stompin grounds :)  I went there once or twice with my second companion, Elder M, and it's a very pretty area.  I'm super excited to go there and see what I can do to build the kingdom of God in my last area.  It's province like San Ildefonso was but it's closer to the city and has a little bit of a city area to it.  My new comp will be Elder C from Lehi, Utah.  I met him once at the temple and he seems like a really cool guy and I'm really excited to get out there and get to work with him.
SHOES! ;-) They're his favorites!

Soooooo..... I finally got ya some pics.  But before that, mouse stories :)  Haven't had any except for San Ildefonso and we LOVED it :)  We would go on mouse hunts whenever we caught one sneaking around, probably scared the neighbors with all the hooting and hollering :)  We would chase em around with sticks or anything we got our hands on, shoving furniture and anything else out of the way trying to get em.  It was a blast :)

Sounds like you've got plenty of exciting things going on back home, keep up the good work and have a fun summer :)
I love y'all tons and can't wait to see ya in 86 days!!  Maybe I should make my own little paper link chain here haha.
~A few of BJ's basketball~dunking~buddies~

Mahal Kita!!!
Elder Beej

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