Monday, June 24, 2013

Planting 'Seeds' in the Meycauayan Zone! Received-6-17-2013

Hiya! :D

Wow, that's pretty cool that Gma's Attorney's been to my area haha, what's his name?  Haha, this place really is my own little paradise.  We weren't able to go back to that spot and might not be able to again because it's just too far away from the church to focus our work out there. There's plenty of beautiful views in other parts of the area to keep us in paradise though :)

Sounds like it's an exciting time for y'all back there preparing for B and K's wedding.  That's just terrible that you'll hafta miss the Strawberry Days Parade though!  That's a family tradition!!!  I'm sure Dad doesn't mind much though eh? ;)  Hopefully we'll be able to go as a family again next year. But as far as wedding preparation experience don't plan on using it soon on me haha :)  I'm hoping to get some good fun in before that step haha.  I've decided one of my life goals is to become a Tour Guide or something like that in Yellowstone hopefully next Summer :)  I'll try and spot out some good camping spots for y'all to come visit too :)

I'm in the Sta. Maria Ward of Meycauayan Zone.  But it's still part of Valenzuela Stake, the Stake just has 2 missionary zones, us and Valenzuela. This morning we went to the Meycauayan chapel to play basketball as a zone and a lot of Elders came from the Valenzuela Zone as well.  I got to see some friends from past areas including Elder J!  Haha, it was great  he's one of my favorite companions and it sounds like he did great training in Minuyan and is doing good in his new area too. We had 2 Meycauayan vs. Valenzuela games and we won both.  WooT! :)  Buuuuut.... I forgot to get a picture... haha, sorry.  Another funny thing though is that ALL of the other Elders are giving me a hard time about getting close to going home.  An airplane passed by during bball and everyone started yelling at me and pointing at the plane hahaha :)  I might be a little excited to get home but I'm loving the work right now and we're working our hardest.

Haha, you always seem to worry about me and my apartments :)  It's a newer and nice apartment again.  We have a pretty nice shower, there's only good water pressure at night, so being impatient I just use the ladle and bucket while I still can :)  At this point I'm actually enjoying having cold showers instead of hot ones, might be weird getting home haha.  Yes our toilet does flush... after you pour a ladle or 2 of water down it... just like every other toilet in the Philippines :)

As far as the area, it's not poor at all.  There are parts out in the outskirts of our area where more farmers and stuff live but for the most part our area is full of really nice subdivisions.  First time that's happened for me on the mission.  As far as the address.... I'll try.  It might not be exactly where our house is because the subdivision's too new for google again.  
One Happy Family!

Had a really good week as far as Less-Actives go.  We got 17 lessons in with them and 7 of them came to church.  We were hoping more would come but 7 is a pretty high number itself.  The Zone Leaders were pretty impressed with how quickly we improved the area.  Cool beans :)  As far as investigators we're still kinda short.  We've got 3 that we were hoping would come to church yesterday but had things come up and couldn't make it.  They said they would next week though.  I feel like I did when we were new in Camarin 1st Ward and started planting seeds during our 1st transfer there.  As far as I can tell we've planted a couple good seeds but need to Open our Mouths more this week and plant a bunch more.  Still pretty excited about what we'll be able to do here :)

Sta. Maria is a ward.  There's not much leadership, we only have 9 or 10 brothers in the Elders Quorum every week. There are a BUNCH of Single Adult sisters and Young Women though haha. I'm thinking Heavenly Father's trying to help me to prepare to come home ;P It seems like we'll get an average of about 120 people going to church each week.
J M's Baptism 6-15-13

With B O.'s email last week our part of the mission had that meeting last Wednesday.  The Area Presidency is coming out with new focuses in the missionary work in the Philippines in order to more fully utilize the new force of missionaries coming in.  In short they've asked us to OYM more and focus a lot more on baptisms.  They especially want us to focus on finding the more wealthy people here that we can teach and have potential to become strong leaders of the church.  They've even asked us to start teaching in English where appropriate in order to focus more on the wealthy.  They also asked us to strive to "Match the Message."  Or to be more careful in our actions and appearance in public so that we look more professional and can be recognized as God's servants.  Pretty neat stuff and even more incentive to start looking for new investigators.
Soooooooo.....  Father's Day's probably over for you guys too by now buuuutttt.....
HAPPY PAPA'S DAY POPS!!  Love and miss ya to death.  Just so ya know, I picked up a gift for ya today.  Be excited, it's pretty swerve sauce :)

Love y'all tons!  Talk atcha next week!

P.S.-I'm on the hunt for souvenirs as of now.  Got a surprise for each of you earlier... That's right.  BE EXCITED :) Pics from the baptism of J M.  He's 12 yrs. old and was also given the Priesthood at church yesterday :)  As of now we don't have any baptismal dates.... Bummer... I was hopin to have one on my Bday haha :)



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