Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Missionaries in the Great Valley!

Gorgeous might be an understatement!
(When we got on to email BJ we thought we'd already missed him, but we lucked-out!  He was still on, and we got to have a little 'chat.' ;-) It was great!) 
Here's some AWESOME pics of my GORGEOUS new area before I forget or run out of time or have something lame like that happen :) Yesterday we went out to one of the farthest parts of our area and then walked with a member for another 20 minutes until we got to this GORGEOUS farm in a little valley.  Needless to say I'm kinda sorta stoked for my new area and am pretty bummed that I'll only get to spend 2 transfers here.  I was telling everybody that I'll just build a house in that valley and live there after the mish haha :)
Elder C
That's my new comp, Elder C.  He's pure Filipino, but was born and raised in the U.S.  He's from down the road in Saratoga Springs, UT and worked as a caterer for GoodWood Barbecue.... LUCKY!!! :)  Right now will be his 5th transfer. He's a stud and we're waaaaaay excited for this transfer.
Brother B
This is our AWESOME ward missionary, Brother B.  He was taught back in 2008 in Bacolod but moved to Manila before he got baptized.  He didn't see any missionaries again until 2011. He was doing chores when he saw them walk past his house, but he couldn't talk to them until he finished the chore. He finished as fast as possible and then CHASED the missionaries down and told them he wanted to get baptized. LUCKY missionaries! haha :)  He's super cool and said he'll work with us every day.  DOPE!
We ate "Dinuguan" last night..... Pig's blood :)  It was actually pretty good, They cooked it different so that it wasn't Pig's blood soup like normal :P  The 2 Filipinos there are our kabahays (Housemates), Elder P from Ilo-Ilo, and Elder D from Bicol.
Eating Buko
Here's me eating buko straight from the tree... Doesn't taste all that great in my opinion but it looks cool hehe
The work's going pretty well.  When I got here Wednesday we only had one serious investigator and he'll be baptized this Saturday.  But we found a couple new people we can teach and had an amazing lesson with a member's wife that is an Inactive Methodist and has been to any and every church under the sun.  She asked why there are so many churches and we taught about Joseph Smith, the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon and she is pretty excited about it.  The Spirit was super strong :)
As far as Less-Actives go they're doing pretty well also. We've got plenty of work to keep us busy and we had 11 Less-Actives that came to church last week.  WooT! :)

Pretty sad that I missed our investigators' baptisms in Camarin  last week, but I'm loving this place already and super excited for it :)  Hopefully I can get Elder Bagaoisan to send me some pics from their baptisms.
As far as this area, it's all beautiful and provincial. Isn't this area amazing?! :) Those pictures are near the end of our area which touches Norzagaray, a mountainous area that also touches.... Minuyan Branch!  I'm about 15 kilometres away from Minuyan and Meycauayan, and 20 kms away from Camarin and Batasan Hills.  Small world haha
'The Great Valley!'
Hahahaha, you poor, poor, poor family of mine!  I would say I feel bad for ya and play you a song on the world's tiniest violin if I was there with ya :) (I was complaining to him about our air conditioner being on the fritz.) Just borrow some Electric Fans and have them on full blast 24/7, that's what we do :)  Also remember that BJ's out here sweating his life away :o) It's still really hot but the rainy season's started here now.  We got caught in the rain on that farm I showed you and it's supposed to rain every day this week.
Lovin' it in the 'Pines!
Hahaha, don't worry Mom, this area's too amazing NOT to take pictures of everything I see :) Be excited for and expect many to come :)

We're probably just gonna head home and play Phase 10 for this P-day but we'll for sure get some wild Adventures in :)
Man oh man oh man I wish I was there to see that little guy tearin it up :) (Talking about Hunter's success in baseball.)  Sounds like we taught him well and your continued cheering is keepin him goin :)  Thanks for all his stories you send me.  Keep em comin! :)

I'm gonna hafta take off.  It was fun chatting with ya and can't wait to send ya some new pics and stories about people we meet this week :)

Mahal Kita! :D
Your Son,

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