Monday, April 15, 2013

"Obedience To The Law Brings Liberty"

BJ's District at Stake Center for General Conference
Hey Hey Hey!

So..... Yup!  General Conference was awesome as usual!  I enjoyed so many talks it's hard to pick a favorite.  The ones that come to mind right now that have affected me are Elder Perry and President Monson's from Sunday Morning.  They gave awesome talks about obedience.  Throughout my mission I've strived to be obedient but sometimes I've complained about having too many rules and feeling like there were too many restrictions.  Elder Perry said that "Obedience to the law brings liberty" and emphasized that one of Satan's greatest tools is giving the opposite perspective that ignoring rules brings freedom.  By following rules and the commandments, and through the atonement and grace of Jesus Christ we can be blessed with Eternal liberty and freedom.  Disobedience to God's commandments may bring a feeling of temporary escape or indulgence, but as Alma said, "Wickedness never was happiness."  Following God's laws will always bring lasting happiness and in the end, disobedience will bring misery and captivity.

I'm glad that even though I often mess up that our Savior's always there to lift me up.  We don't have to be perfect today.  We just need to keep our heart in the right place while enduring and enjoying to the end.

Elder B, Elder J, BJ, Elder H
Haha, sorry to start all preachy but I really liked it :)  We watched conference at our stake center about 30 minutes away with all the members and missionaries in our Stake.  We had a whole Less Active family and there non-member father come to church for the first time in maybe 4 years.  The members said we raised them from the dead haha :o)  Our first week here there were only about 60-70 people but since then they say we've had an average of about 150.

Glad you enjoyed my email last week, things are going well here.  We weren't able to visit Sister L this week because she was busy but she said she's excited to see us tomorrow.

Yup, Transfer day's next week but we'll see what happens.  It'd be cool if both of us stayed here to harvest our planting.  Thanks for praying for Montalban haha :)

BJ's Apartment 
I haven't had any contact with Sister E or G or L since leaving Minuyan but hopefuly I'll send those bookmarks tomorrow.

Pretty crazy that Marcelo and Matt are already getting home!  Time flies eh?  Glad you got my letter haha.  Sorry again that I'm terrible at sending them.

I love ya tons and hope things continue to go well for y'all there!
Elder Powell

PS-Finally got ya a couple pics :)  

My "PacMan" hat.  It's a logo for the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.  He's basically every Filipino's favorite person on the face of the planet haha.

Our apartment.  Brand new, in a new nice subdivision that has..... a swimming pool.  Sooooooooo tempting :P
BJ's 'PacMan' hat, along with some fun souvenirs.

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