Sunday, April 14, 2013

Transferred to........ Received-03-17-2013

Mommaaaaaa!  Ooooooooooo! :)

Looks like we were exactly the same on our transfer guesses Ma.  And of course we were right!  I'm in the Novaliches Zone now, back to the city.  My new companion is From Ilocos Norte(Northern 'Pines) and his name is Elder B.  He's been on the mission almost as long as I have so we've got a pretty experienced companionship and I'm excited to see what we can do.  We're opening an area... again!  That means neither of us was in this area last transfer and neither of us really know how to get around or who the people are in the ward yet.  But we're catching on pretty quick and enjoying it so far.  That's 4 out of my 6 areas that I've opened haha.

Wow!  Congratulations Heather!!!  That's pretty exciting stuff that she gets to go to the New England area, she'll probably get to see all sorts of historical sites and stuff.  Cool beans!  Awww man!  Looks like I'll miss her by a couple months won't I?  That's a bummer but I'm pretty excited for her.  Congrats again! (Heather got her call to the Boston, Massachusetts mission, and enters the MTC July 3rd. BJ comes home August 29th.)

Yup, it was pretty sad leaving the Sister E family, and S G.  I'll definitely try to keep in touch with them, they're pretty amazing people and I'll miss em.  Pretty sad leaving Elder J too haha,  I had a blast with him.  I keep quoting movies and saying stupid things we used to say and then remember that I've got new companions and housemates haha.  He's gonna be a great trainer.  He ended up getting an American which made him nervous as far as the language goes, but he'll do awesome

Wow wow wow!!!  Sounds like my little bro's turning into an All-Star eh?  Averaging double-digits, hitting game-winners, subbing in for more advanced leagues.  That's awesome!!!  Setting picks, picking up charges, scoring 14 points on undefeated teams.  Woot!  Don't let it get to his head but that's awesome!  Tell him to work on his dribble so he can drive it in like a boss haha.  Pretty excited to get back and see for myself :)

Becca O got here back on Wednesday!  But I didn't get to see her because the airplane didn't get here in time for transfer meeting.  She's in the Valenzuela Zone with an American companion.  Their area is right next to Meycauayan.  Pretty excited to see her haha, should be fun. (BJ graduated from High School with Becca, and she was recently called to his mission.)

Glad to hear Gma Miller's doing better, hope she heals up pretty quickly.  Tell her I'm really looking forward to seeing her in a few months :)

Pretty exciting with setting up classes and picking out apartments already.  Can't believe it's that time already.  Rooming with Aaron in University Villas sounds great.  I actually had a friend that lived there before the mission, the apartments are great.  I guess it's 4 of us in the apartment?  Did he mention how much the rent is?  Pretty stoked, it's gonna be a fun semester :)

The First Presidency just came out with a new rule allowing missionaries to email their friends as well as family.  Could you get me Aaron, Michael, and Marcelo's email addresses?  That'd be great :)  And go ahead and stick my email address on the blog if you'd like.  Thanks! :)  (BJ's email

Da Beej

Thanks for the great description of Hunter's games, loved it :)

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