Sunday, April 14, 2013

HOPPY EASTER!!! Received-04-01-2013

We had a pretty good Easter.  We were able to go to a member's for dinner but it was for a birthday not Easter.  Didn't see any parades or anything like last year, I think my area is too deep city for stuff like that.  But everything was shut down for Friday and Saturday..... and then most of it opened back up on Sunday haha.  Whoops!  Sounds backwards eh?  It was abnormally quiet on Friday and Saturday though, pretty interesting.  Most everyone was inside their house and the tindahans(street stores) were all closed.  In the middle of the day Saturday I realized that every Sunday is like that back home haha.  Pretty neat place we call home eh?

We had a MUCH larger amount of people attend church this week.  Last week we only counted 60ish but this week the leaders reported 150 people at church!  Pretty great.  Last week we had 0 investigators at church and 1 Less-Active we're teaching attend.  This week we had 5 Investigators and 5 L.A.s.  Woot!! :)  Part of it is that it's Easter Sunday but a BIG part of it is that we were able to contact a LOT of new people this week.  We got the most New Investigators I've ever had: 16! :)  We were also able to find a bunch of new Less-Actives to teach so I'm pretty excited.  We've seen the area progress a TON even though we've only been here about 2 weeks.  When we got here we didn't have hardly anyone to teach but now we almost don't have time to visit everyone we want to!  Again I say WooT! :)

Glad to hear y'all had some fun with 'da fam.  Not too long and I'll be there at Gma/pa Slater's with y'all celebrating Labor Day :)  Crazy how time flies when you're working hard and havin fun.  Make sure and tell everyone 'HI' from me and that I love them all.  Looking forward to the pics.  Sorry I haven't sent many pics lately.  I'm getting lazy on taking them and....... There's not much great stuff to take pictures of in this area haha.  Just deep dirty city :o)  But the people are great and it's not as bad as my first area Panghulo haha so I'm enjoying it.

Man!  My little brother is a STUD!!!  I'm glad he's taking my advice and taking it to the hole.  Tell him to keep it up and practice his free-throws so that he can be an unstoppable machine! :)  Also mention to him that most of Michael Jordan and Jimmer Freddette's points came from swishing free-throws, that should give him some motivation ;o)

Teaching's going pretty good with the people we're finding.  They're all SOOOO nice.  We even found a family the other day that's Iglesia ni Cristo(church that's kind of an enemy to our church here) that's been SUPER kind to us.  They said they can't listen to our teachings but gave us something to drink and a snack anyways.  We'll keep goin back and see if they'll listen to us haha.

The family of 9(M Fam) is doing ok.  It's kinda chaotic trying to teach there since there's so many of them and they have 2 young rowdy boys haha.  They committed to go to church yesterday but we only ended up getting their 20-yr. old son, A, and 1 other to come with us.  A's awesome and has lots of great questions whereas the rest of the family just seems happy to have us there.  Hope things continue to get better and better with them.

The family of 5(P Fam) is super kind and likes listening to us as well.  The kids are 11, 9, and 8 but super smart and they all seem excited to listen to us.  We were expecting them to come to church yesterday too but they weren't able to make it for some reason.  We'll follow-up with them on it tomorrow.

So........... Yup.  Life's pretty good at the mo' for da Beej :)  P-days have been kinda boring but not too bad at all.  We played bball this morning(it's a need on P-days), got a haircut, went shopping, rested, and emailed.  Nothing too exciting.  I have started working out though(finally:o).  We're doing a workout called P90X and I'm hopin it'll help me put on some weight so I don't look so much like a twig haha :)

Well I better take off.  Love ya tons!  Tell Jason "maligayang kaarawan' for me on Wednesday :)
Elder Powell

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