Sunday, April 14, 2013

Finding More and More to Teach!! Received-03-27-2013

Hiya Guys!

Had a pretty good week here, having fun meeting new people and trying to get this area going right now.  At the moment we're in finding and organizing mode.  At first we had almost no one to teach but now we're starting to find more out here and I'm pretty excited to see what we can do for them.

One thing we did a couple days ago was pretty awesome haha.  Whenever people see us here they always yell "Hey JOE!" or any tiny bit of English they can possibly think up, kinda like what Becca said in her email.  It kinda makes you feel like a superstar but at times it gets old.  So the other day instead of letting it be annoying we walked up to a lot of the people that yelled at us.  They seemed pretty surprised most of the time but for the most part they were kind and accepted pamphlets and we'll try and follow-up on them over the next week :)

As far as life and stuff things are pretty fun here in Camarin 1st Ward.  There are 4 of us in the apartment.  Me, my comp, and 2 Americans.  The Apartment's kinda small but super nice and pretty new.  Elder B is pretty funny and hard working so hopefully things will just keep getting better and better with the work.

Hahaha, you guys are crazy with Hunter's sports but that's awesome!  He's probably the happiest kid on earth with all those games he gets to play.  Tell him to keep up the good work and keep driving! :)

I'm pretty excited for Easter this year.  After reading the Jesus the Christ I feel that I understand it's importance and the things that went on so much better and it had more meaning for me.  Here in the Philippines they celebrate "Holy Week" which sounds weird, and some of the traditions they have for it are skewed, but the last week of Christ's life, and His entire life for that matter, was pretty amazing.

A couple weird traditions they have here are they often have people that ask others to nail them to a cross so they can suffer as Christ did.  Pretty different.  They have a few traditions like that, including the parades on Good Friday.  I still remember getting stuck behind one with Elder Montemayor last year haha.
Another tradition they do is on Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter) they make crafts out of Palm leaves and hang them on their doors to commemorate Christ's triumphant entrance into Jerusalem.  It's actually a cool tradition even though many may not understand it.

We were walking home the night before Palm Sunday when we walked past a very small house.... filled with palm tree leaves.  It was 8 and we were just gonna walk home but I decided I wanted to find out more about what they were doing and share with them.  We walked up to the door and the brother was super nice and they invited us in.  Turns out it's a family of 9 and they all seemed somewhat interested and we'll follow-up with them tonight or later this week.  Hope things work out with them :)

Found another family too.  We were walking down the street and instead of shouting "Hey JOE!" a guy with his wife yelled "Hey Elders!"  as they walked past.  We were about to keep walking, when I asked him how he knew us.  He said he was taught waaaaaaaay back in 1992.  He said we could come visit them at home sometime and now we're going to teach his family of 5.  Woot! :)

So yup... Pretty excited to see how the work keeps going here.  Sorry to cut this a bit short but Elder B's waiting on me.

Have a Happy Easter and remember I love y'all!
Mahal Kita!

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