Sunday, March 4, 2012


(Received 02-26-12)
Hey howdy hey Friends and Fam! :)

So things are going absolutely CRAZY here in the Philippines haha.  I'm training, we got 3 new missionaries in Meycauayan Ward and..... we had a little event here that missionaries, members, and family and friends like to hear about.  BAPTISM! :D

I've got a TON to tell y'all about and not much time to do it so I'm sorry if I don't get to tell you all the exciting stuff I want to and answer all your questions.  I'll try and do better next week.

So training.... I can do this :)  My unang anak is Elder Erastus Montemayor from Cebu City, Philippines.  He's awesome! :)  Even though he's brand new he's already pretty good at teaching and speaking Tagalog.  Even though he's Filipino he says he's better at speaking English than Tagalog.  In area they speak a dialect called Cebuano.  But he's great at speaking Tagalog too so I don't have to worry too much about that.  The scary thing is being in charge of EVERYTHING here.

Speaking of which we've got 2 other missionaries here in Meycauayan.  Elder Wilson is from Idaho, in his 5th trainer and is also training.  His anak is Elder Hurt for LA, California.  They're both awesome and it's been a blast already with the 3 new guys.  Even though we're in the same ward we're in separate houses. (Awww man!:o)  Since all 3 of them are new I've been in charge of coordinating with ward members, helping them learn about their area and basically everything. Phew!  Running like a chicken with it's head cut-off here but it's all been working out.  I'm starting to relate with how you must feel all the time mom, haha :)

Aaaaand....... BAPTISM! :D  We baptized Carl Baquiran this last Saturday.  It was great but super stressful haha.  I thought that Elder Mika had prepared for it and all but NOTHING had been done yet haha.  It was my first day as a trainer and I coordinated with the DL to come interview him and then had to invite members, bishopric, and prepare the entire program for it.  It was INSANE!  Since it was only my 2nd baptism I wasn't sure how things were supposed to run at all so it was a bit stressful haha.  I prayed a lot for help with it and it turned out well because of it.  Carl's Gpa did the baptizing so I still haven't had my first personal baptism here in the 'Pines but hope it'll come soon :)  We also gave one of our investigators a Baptismal Date for March 24 on Saturday.  Things are crazy but going well :)  I didn't get pictures cuz my camera died :P  I'll try and get some from Carl's dad though.  I'm not sure yet about Battery Chargers but I'll try and figure it out this week.

I love and miss y'all tons and hope things are goin well for ya! :)  Say your prayers, read your scriptures and go to church and things work out :)

Elder Da Beej Powell

I'm glad you chose the right name for Morty ;) (Our new cuddly Moose) Thanks a bunch for the talk mom, excited to read it :)

Elder Mika got transferred to Montalban Zone... the one I wanna go to haha. I'll be in Meycauayan another 3 months for training so maybe after that :)

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