Monday, March 19, 2012

Hiya! :D Wow it's good to get news from y'all on P-day! :)

Hahaha, I completely forgot that it was St. Patti's Day!  March 17 was actually my 7 month anniversary on the mission (Already????:) so I was celebrating that instead of St Patrick's.  What a bummer that is 2 SUPER important holidays I've missed.  Of course.... St. Patti's isn't as important as Groundhog Day, so no big deal :o)
But whether Punxatawney  Phil sees his shadow or not it's always SUPER hot here haha.  I think I've gotten used to the humidity and sweat though haha.  It's Summer here right now, it should be hottest in the next couple weeks and then by the middle of May the rainy season will start.  Most of the time I'm too stressed or thinking too hard to worry about the heat so it hasn't bothered me too much lately haha.  I'm SUPER jealous of the perfect March weather your all probably getting back there though :)
So.... big spiders?  Apparently they exist haha :)  I was super scared at the beginning but when I got here I found that they don't really live in the big cities I'm in.  BUT :)  A couple weeks ago when the other Elders in our ward moved in they caught a spider in a bucket and kept it as a pet for a couple weeks haha.  It was HUGE!  As big as my hand!  Apparently they don't eat cockroaches (they tried feeding it a couple times haha)  and apparently (this was news to me) spiders poop... wow, learn something new every day eh? :)
Haha, I'm glad you're still loving work! :D  I know what you mean about nervewracking at the beginning.  I'm pretty nervous too nearly every day here, but things always work out in the end right?  Haha, have fun on the weekends, you've got your own P-days going on now :)
Hahaha, that is SO cool about Hunter! (Battle of the Books)  I can't believe I was that young when I did that! (BJ did the Geography Knowledge Bowl in 4th grade.) Sounds like his prayers were epic, at least he's exercising faith eh? :o)  Let him know his big bro's proud of him and to keep up the good work! :)
Haha, you better remind Ashlyn for me that BOYS ARE BAWAL! :)  Glad she's still loving band and THE Mott, tell her to keep up the good work on those grades and keep having fun in prison.... I mean.... Junior High ;)
I'm glad that Kylee found her own thing she likes to do!  Sounds like she's a great actress eh?  Tell her good luck with the Princess Festival and Scera!
Woot!!!!! :D I knew Chelsey would learn to love college if she stuck it out!  I TOLD you! :)  Played with Julliard huh?  Pretty cool stuff!  Is she still soloing and making the upperclassmen jealous?  That's my sister! :)  Haha, I'm sure you loved it even though it's so far away.  You've always been SO great at supporting us with stuff like that, thanks a lot mom :)
Tell Dad I'm sure he's doing great stuff at work and they're probably SUPER glad they kept him on.  He'll make friends and learn to love it :)
Wow!  Grandpa is OOOLLLDDD! ;o)  hahaha, just kidding.  Tell him Happy Birthday for me and let him know I love him :)
Tell the Smith family I miss them too and hope things are going well for them.  Tell DeShawn if he promises me a Dutch Oven Dinner when I get home I'll teach him what I know about Filipino cooking haha :)
Man the work is HARD being in charge.  I love my companion and training's not a problem but I don't know how to run an area yet.  Even though it's pretty tough I'm loving the Spirit we're feeling in the work.  I felt the Spirit strongly in a lesson last week with the Redoblado Family(Less-Active).  I felt like sharing my experience with finding work at BYU and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  I told them that they need to do what I did and ACT on their faith by doing what the Lord asks. It worked!  They went to church! :D

Elder Brian T. Powell-OOPS! :)

One of the hardest things with running the area is that I'm too shy to talk to people sometimes.  I don't know what to say to them at times and it's been bugging me a bit but I'm getting better at it :)
Hopefully we'll have a baptism or 2 in April.  I'll let you know more about em next week :)  I got the pics from Carl Baquiran's Baptism (Feb. 25) but they're on a CD so I'm still figuring out how to get them to you.
I FINALLY got my scriptures back!!! :D I'll send some pictures, they're pretty epic!  Just one problem.... She put Brian T. Powell on the covers.... that's not my name (Chelsey might know that song:) :P  Soooo I might try and use a knife to make it BrYan J. haha.  LOVE and MISS you all! :)
SO sorry I'm terrible at writing letters!  I've been trying but I keep running out of time.  Just know I love you ALL!  Yes that means YOU whether you are a friend(miss na miss kita mga kapuso!:), cousin (mahal na mahal kita!  Manatili astig pare!:), grandparent (love you and miss you all tons!  YES you!:), or sibling or parent know that I think of, pray for, and miss you often.  All of you stay awesome and happy and have a great 17 months :o)

Sorry they're all crooked and upside down.  I'm definately a novice at this.


Elder Powell

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