Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh My!!! Six Months Already!!!

(Received 02-21-12)

So..... yeah I'm Buntis.... which means pregnant..... which is A LOT different in Missionary Lingo than it is in real English haha :)  Buntis na ako means....... I'm becoming a father...... and..... training a brand new missionary?!?  Yikes!  haha, pretty intense stuff!  On Sunday night our Zone Leader told me but I thought he was joking and told him it wasn't funny haha, turns out he's serious :P

Being a Trainer means that I will be in charge of our area, have a HUGE influence on a new missionary, and the responsibility for our area will be on me.  Yikes!  Pretty scary and exciting at the same time.  I don't feel ready teaching wise, Tagalog wise, or missionary wise but luckily Heavenly Father's in charge and not me haha.  He knows what is best for me.  He knows how I can become the best missionary and person I can be even if it will be hard.

I haven't found out who my anak(child) is yet but will find out tomorrow at Transfer Meeting.  I'm hoping he's a Filipino because it would make things even harder if neither of us was a fluent speaker haha.  I would love to train and help an American start his mission but I want to be more comfortable speaking Tagalog before that happens.  But like I said, it's up to Heavenly Father and he knows what's best :)

Since I'm going to be training it means I'll be splitting with Elder Mika.  He was a blast to be around and I learned a lot from him, hopefully I can connect with the members and investigators like he did.  Even though we're splitting I won't be transferring, I'm gonna raise my first child(haha) here in MEYCAUAYAN.  Woot! :)  We're also going to get 2 more Elders in our ward so there's 2 companionships because this ward is HUGE haha :)

Even though I'm scared to train since I'm so new I'm way excited.  It turns out that almost all of the Elders from my MTC district are training too (Woot!:)  It was fun seeing them all and talking with them at the mission home for Trainer's Training hopefully one of them will transfer to my zone, that would be fun :)

One of the biggest things that I've learned so far on my mission is the reason Heavenly Father gives us trials and big responsibilities even if we don't feel like we can handle them.  I use Ether 12:27 in our lessons all the time.  Before this verse Moroni was saying that he felt inadequate to the task the Lord had given him of writing in the scriptures and being a prophet.  Even though he was amazing he was humble and felt and knew his weaknesses.  Moroni says that when he prayed to Heavenly Father he was comforted by Him.  He was told the reason that we have weaknesses (or trials) in our lives.  He was told that we are given trials so that we will humble ourselves and turn to the Lord.  When we turn to the Lord he will make our weaknesses become strengths.

I've learned that through our trials and responsibilities that are given to us, we grow.  I've felt this BIG time on my mission and have a deep testimony of it.  The times when I have felt that I was pushed farther than I could go are the times I have grown the most.

So...... yeah :)   I'm a bit nervous to become a father (haha:P)  but I'm SUPER excited to see how much I'll grow.  Should be pretty intense stuff, I'll let y'all know how it goes :)

MAHAL KITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I know you'll have a billion questions next week Mom, Gma, everyone haha.  Don't be shy, send them! :)

Also, thank you SOOOOO much to those of you who have taken the time to write me letters!  You're the best! :)  I miss you all TONS even though I'm taking forever to write you back.  Sorry, we missionaries get a bit busy sometimes....  well.. all the time hehe :P  I'll try and get letter to y'all soon :)

MAHAL KITA ULIT!!!!!!!! :)
Elder Da Beej

P.S. Kinda jealous you saw Darius Rucker, Hootie and the Blowfish was one of my favorites haha, glad you had fun even though your ol......... i mean... it was loud ;)

Valentine's Day happened but like other holidays, didn't notice too much cuz I'm a missionary haha :P  Haven't tried chicken recipes yet cuz we don't use the fridge so the electric bill will stay low haha.  I was so bummed out when I saw I couldn't make Ritz chicken cuz we don't have an oven haha.  Sayang... :)  Guess I'll just wait a couple years :P  6 MONTHS ALREADY???? Yikes! :)


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