Sunday, April 1, 2012

Being idle makes you tired

Hahaha, looks like you all had a BLAST at Gpa's birthday party.  The food looked REALLY good haha :)  Thanks for all the pictures this week they were great!  I've got some pictures for you too this week from..... Carl's baptism!  WooHoo! :D haha
So this last week?  Freaking lame haha :)  We were really excited to get to work and have a couple new investigators that we're really excited for.  We were gonna stop stressing and start having fun and kick butt in the work.... Then Elder Montemayor got sick haha.  Lame sauce!
He got the flu while we worked on Tuesday and it got worse on Wednesday and we didn't get to work.  That was ok with me, I was excited to get a little rest :o) and I (careful when you read this Mom:) even cleaned the house real good.  I mean I CLEANED that thing :)  I thought, ok that was a good rest day, can't wait to go teach tomorrow.  We woke up the next morning....
and Elder Montemayor was feeling even worse haha.  Awww man! :P  We didn't get to work Thursday.  So I took care of him and tried to help him get feeling better all of Thursday....
and that got me sick hahaha :)  We didn't get to work Friday cuz I was sick and he was still getting better.  I've always thought that taking a bit of a break would be nice, get some rest and stop worrying right?  Well it was nice the first day but after that I was just bored and wanted to work haha :)
Saturday and Sunday we were able to work but we were still sick and WAY tired.  No fun. haha :)  Before my mission I sat around and did nothing a lot of the time and I was really tired a lot of the time because of it.  That's the way I feel again haha, I'm glad that my mission's already changed that about me, I wanna do stuff rather than just sit around now, pretty weird and awesome :)

So yeah... we're still a little sick and mostly REALLY tired, can't wait to get back to work and get rid of this headache though :)  Sorry if I sound crazy, I'm too tired to think.

Those pictures of Hunter were AWESOME!  He's HUGE!!!  Super jealous that you guys get to watch his first Little League games.  Make sure he knows his big bro's cheering for him :)  How tall IS that kid?? and what's his shoe size? His feet are as big as Elder Montemayor's!! :)

I didn't know Gma and Gpa's trailer crashed, that must've been after I hit the MTC.  What happened?  Glad they got a new one, we're all going camping when I get back :)  P.S.  Just in case you're wondering I decided a while ago (maybe before the mission) that I'm gonna work at Yellowstone for a Summer after I get back from the mish.  Just thought you should know :)  P.P.S. Blood vessels: Scary! and no fun :o)

I'm glad you're loving work!  You're becoming a computer genius?  haha, go Mom!  *Kaya mo iyan!* (You can do it!:)

Yup, got the Valentine's stuff back around Valentine's Day, thanks a bunch! :)  Not quite sure what all we're doing with Easter but I know one thing. I am avoiding other churches and their "celebrations" on that day.  The world's pretty different outside the Utah bubble huh? haha.  I don't mean to sound rude about others beliefs but pretty sad stuff.  I'll let you know what happens haha.

I have to wait a whole extra week for General Conference!  Awww man! :)  We watch it at the Stake Center a week after it happens.  Hopefully we'll be able to get some investigators to it, pretty cool to listen to a living Prophet :)

Can't believe I've almost finished a whole transfer with Elder Montemayor!  Time's SO fast and SO slow haha... weird :)

Elder Powell

P.S. Here are some photos from Carl's Baptism

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