Sunday, April 22, 2012

Time Goes Sooo Fast And Sooo Slow (4/16/2012)

Hiya! :D Sorry my email was so short last week, I was SICK and in a bad mood haha.  I'll try and let ya in on a little more this week :)

Feeling MUCH better than I was last week, I've still got the sniffles with a runny nose but no big deal, I'm used to it now.  What I had last week was REALLY bad.  I think it was some kind of Strep infection mixed with the flu.  My body was just in SO much pain AND I couldn't sleep cuz I was thinking about our missionary work here haha.  Things are definitely better now.
One problem hasn't gone away though... and it's driving me CRAZY!  As a missionary one of your most precious and valued assets is the time you have to sleep. Staying up late and waking up early are 2 dislikes of a missionary.  In the Philippines the sun begins to rise at 5:30.  For the  past week in a row Elder Powell has rised at 5AM!!!!  And then I start thinking about our work and can't get back to sleep haha, it's terrible!  No worries though, buhay pa ako (I'm still alive:o)

WOW!!  Hearing about mission calls is always fun :)  Those are some pretty cool missions!  Barcelona Spain?  Whoa! :)  Time goes by SOOOO fast and SOOOO slow with missions.  When I tell people that I've been in the Philippines for 6 months it blows my mind!  But then when I think that I've only been in the Pines for 6 months it feels like it's been forever. haha,  REALLY weird feeling :)  Pretty excited to talk to y'all on Mother's Day. (May 13 right?  I'm terrible with Holidays here haha:)  It's pretty weird thinking about friends that have already been out for longer than a year.  It's almost been a whole year since Marcelo came to visit and hit the MTC??  Pretty weird :)

Can't believe JT 's already 12!  Tell him way to go on getting the Priesthood and let him know I'm proud of him.  Same with Jason!  He can drive??  He can DATE?!??  Weird!!! haha, time flies eh?

Yay for tax breaks! :D  Sounds like a game of Monopoly and you landed on the Chance space and got lucky haha, Heavenly Father will continue to take care of us as we continue to do what's right :)  Woah!  Sheetrock in the basement?! :D  You'll have to try and set it up to someday have a projector screen theater down there, that would be epic :)

Wow sounds like things are going pretty crazy for Chels huh?  Has she had much of a chance to visit Gma and Gpa Powell down there?  Bet they've enjoyed having her close even though it's been tough on y'all having her so far away haha.  Glad she stuck it through on her first year.  Even though it sounds like it was really tough for her she's done some pretty amazing stuff down there huh? :)  WAY TO GO SIS! :D

Haha, that's pretty cool that you saw the McArthurs :)  Hope they're doing well.  Pretty crazy that Hunter's already going into 4th grade huh? :)  How's Little League going for him?  Which positions do he play?  Is he pitching?  Haha, definitely miss that time of playing sports with friends in city leagues :)

So things here are going pretty good :)  It's really tough being in charge and I'm really not used to it.  I've found that I work best when I'm given a list of things to do and then do them instead of being the one that has to come up with the list of what we'll do haha.  So I'm having big growing pains with learning how to take charge and how to lead but Heavenly Father's helping us out a ton.
We've got a baptism coming up this week!!! :D  His name is Vincent Gomboc, he's 9 years old and we've been teaching him since me and Elder Mika got here back in January.  He's really smart and remembers everything we teach him.  He's also SUPER funny haha :)  Every time we ask him to pray he'll mess around for a minute with his siblings or us.  Then when he's ready to pray he'll open his eyes real big, look at us, clap his hands and say, "Game na?" (Like, you ready now?  We doing this?)  HAHAHA :)  EPIC!  Me and Elder Montemayor have started doing it in our Companionship Prayers haha :)  We're hoping to baptize him this upcoming Sunday, should be great :)

We've also got a 64 year-old sister and a 15 year-old brother that are hoping to be baptized next Saturday! :D (April 28)  They just randomly showed up to church one Sunday with a neighbor and said they wanted to listen to us and join the church..... WOOT! :)  Heavenly Father definitely prepares people :)

So has The Avengers come out yet?  Have Hunter Dad and all of you seen it yet?  Haha, it looks EPIC!!!  We saw a commercial for it when we went to the mall one P-day.  The 4 of us in Meycauayan decided we're all gonna hafta get Avengers T-shirts for an epic picture :)

Love and miss y'all TONS!!! :)  Hope things are going well for ya, thanks for all the love and support! :)
Sana ko na napakasaya ng darating linggo ninyo! :) (Hope your next week is a BLAST!:)

Da Beej

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