Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aleli Got Baptized! :D (Received-06-04-2012)

Hiya Ma! :D

Haha, I'm gettin a lot better at taking pictures for ya mom!  This area's REALLY nice and it's actually really close to Montalban, the mountainous area of the mission.  The weed whacking was right outside our subdivision.  The tree lined street was close to our stake center.  The nice white building was next to the entrance of the temple with a bunch of LA's and Investigators at Temple Tour.  The Temple is only about 45 minutes away from us here. Whew!  All answered hehe :)  Don't worry about asking too many questions!  I like answering them for you!

So we had a pretty good week and.... Aleli got baptized! :D  She's 10 years old and visits her Gma during the Summer vacation.  Summer vacation actually ended today in the Pines and she'll visit her Gma every Sunday and go to church here.  Her situation is that her mother has been inactive for a while and her dad is not a member.  We met her mom last weekend and she wants to come back to church so we'll be teaching them when they visit on weekends.  Her Gma actually married a German so their whole family is HUGE! Well... for Filipinos :)  I got to baptize her.  I always feel jealous of the people getting baptized cuz they get to dip their heads under the water.  It always feels perfectly cool for swimming haha :o)

Thanks for the encouragement with talking to people and not being shy it helps :)  We actually got 4 referrals this weekend from members so hopefully we'll be able to start teaching them (Hope and pray:)

Elder Sidillo and Montemayor are doing great.  Elder Montemayor's still in Meycauayan and his companion is Elder Calinog from the MTC.  They're probably having a blast :)  They baptized one of our investigators (May-May Daquioag) on May 26.  WooHoo! :)  Elder Sidillo's a..... Zone Leader! :)  When we split up he trained again and became a District leader and now he's been a ZL for 2 transfers.  Woot! :)  I got the SD card from him and I'll try and figure out the CD thing.  Now worries, they're not full.

Chapman Music's going to NY??? Woot! :D  That would be awesome if they got on the David Letterman show!  Make sure and tape it for me if they do :)  Tell Ashlyn she can do it! :)  Let Hunter and Kylee know I'm proud of their STAR athleticism and to keep up the good work :)

That is SOOOOO cool about your job mom!  You keep up the good work and you'll end up being the District Superintendent or something haha :)  Proud of ya!
Hate to cut it short but I've gotta run do that missionary thing :)  Let everyone know I love em!

It's VERY rainy.  Supposed to be 3 typhoons in June.
The Keil's house flooded a tiny bit while we were teaching and I ate a footlong while Elder Compao attempted to :o)
Baptism! :D

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