Saturday, June 30, 2012

Epic Week In The Life Of Da Beej! :) Received 6-27-2012

Mommaaaaaaa!  Oooooooooooo! (Let go)  Didn't mean to make ya cry, if I'm not back again this time tomorroooooow, carry on, carry on...... Whoops got carried away :o)

Hey y'all!  Pretty eventfully EPIC week in the life of Beej :)  LOTS of surprises, fun, and partying going on here in Batasan 2nd ward.
So yup, we had a baptism this last weekend.  We got to baptize Novelyn after an absolute ROLLER COASTER of a night :) 

The baptism was planned for 6pm so me and Elder Compao stopped by the chapel at 5pm to make sure things were all good to go.  When we got there the baptismal font was already filled..... with yellow, stinky water that looked like it came straight from the river. "No worries" I thought, "We'll just drain it now and fill it back up when we come back.  So we drained the font and then went home so Elder Compao could change his shirt because his red pen had exploded.

When we got back Sister Jonah (an RM and our ward Single Adult leader) was freaking out.  I thought she was just tired because she told us that she had been baptized for the dead 70 TIMES(no joke:) that morning.  But she told us that there was no water to fill the font because the water company had shut off water to the chapel..... WHOOPS.  At this point it was about 5:50 and Novelyn showed up with her family and a friend from their neighborhood.

Elder Hoyo-A, Compao, and  BJ with the great water tank
Someone said we could call a company to deliver the water so we decided to do that.  They said it would take about 30 minutes to send the water.  So we waited... and waited... and waited.  It took the water 1 and a half hours to get there!!  hahaha.  So they finally got there around 8:00 with a great big water tank and filled up the baptismal font with fire hoses.  EPIC!! :)  So yup. That was quite the experience and I don't think I'll forget that baptism :)
Baptismal Font Filling Epicness!
Another surprise this week?  I'm getting transferred?!  Pretty quick and pretty sad.  I love this area and the people here are awesome.  Elder Compao has been here for about 5 months so I thought he would be out and I would stay but we're both leaving now.  It's too bad, we just started teaching a few people that are on the road to baptism, I hope the elders that take over for us can help them continue to progress and get baptized.

Also SUPER lame because I'm gonna be in a new area with people I don't know yet for my birthday.  Mama Bagang was gonna prepare dinner a cake and videoke for my birthday next week haha.  AWWW MAN!!!! :P

I was so surprised I'm nowhere near ready to pack and I don't even know where I would want to go next.  Whatever works I guess.  It would be fun to go to the province areas but I had a little of that here and the city isn't all that bad either.  Here's the Zones again.  Take your best guess.  PROVINCE: Montalban, Baliwag, Malolos, SJDM.  CITY: Caloocan, Valenzuela, Novaliches, Fairview.  Remember, even though I've been to a zone I can still go back... hope it's not Caloocan.. haha joke (knock on wood:)  My guess?  Caloocan or Baliwag.... But we'll see :)

So yup.  I'm gonna go say goodbye to the AWESOME people in this ward.  Hope y'all have a fantastimagical week! :)

And yes. I am SUPER jealous that you got to celebrate Strawberry Days without me.  Did you send free strawberries n' cream in the package? :)  Oh ya, haven't gotten it yet but I might get it tomorrow when we transfer.

Elder Da Beej :)

Mama Bagang! :D

P.P.S-That's cool you sang Called to Serve last week!  Was it just you guys and the priests?  Anyone with a new mission call or that left recently?  Love ya!

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