Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy B-Day Elder Compao-(Received-06-11-2012)

Hiya! :)

So we had another good week :)  We're still trying to get things rolling here but we've got another baptism coming up on the 23rd :)  Elder Montemayor e-mailed me and said that they'll be baptizing 3 of our investigators on the 23rd too.  Woot! :)

It actually wasn't too rainy this week.  Pretty weird.  It was always cloudy and looked like it was gonna storm bad but nothing ended up happening.  Oh well, we're supposed to get 2 more tropical storms this month so it should be fun :)  Didn't end up meeting those referrals cuz they were all too busy.  We're gonna meet one on Wednesday though.  Yup, that apartment is where we live, it's actually really nice for our mission.  For P-days we play bball, wash clothes, rest, and email.  Nothin too exciting.  It's really fun to have 4 in the house cuz there's more people to talk to but it's not SUPER exciting :)  One of our housemates is close to going home and he's really serious and strict. No fun haha, but he's still cool.

That's great that Devin's home! :D  Tell him hi and congrats for me.  Too bad Pam's parents didn't get assigned in the Philippines, would've been fun :)

Haha, other than wanting to dunk myself baptisms are great! haha :)  It's very very cool to help someone find the way to follow Christ and to help them "enter at the gate."  For me, the people that I've come in contact with haven't so much had a 'mighty change' as much as found the right way.  A lot of the people we teach seem to be searching and helping them and teaching them how the gospel's helped my life and how it can help their's is great!
My favorite part of the mission so far is just the growth I've felt; seeing how far I've come and how much Heavenly Father has helped me to get where I am.  The mission's tough but and so is life but as we trust in Heavenly Father and try our best, things work out :)

I'll try and think of my favorite experiences from each area for ya and let ya know next week :)  Obviously there's a bunch of em haha.

Elder Compao's great! :)  We're having a blast out here.  Last week was his birthday and we had a BIG party with our favorite family here :)  They bought a big ol cake for him and made a big lunch for us, it was fun.  The language they speak where he's from is called Ilonggo.  Don't know too much of it but it sounds kinda funny and nothing like Tagalog haha :)  So Illonggo is his first language and Tagalog is his second.  He's fluent in both and can understand English mostly but doesn't speak it much.  He's really into basketball and is a Heat fan.  Me?  I'm an anti-Heat fan haha :)  And I like Kevin Durrant and the Thunder so put my money on them :)

Holy freak!  Every week of sports news makes me more excited to get home and help coach a couple of stars again! :)  That's great that Hunter's getting his chance to pitch again!  How's his hitting?  I'm thinking if Kylee had been there they'd definitely be undefeated!  Man!  It sounds like they're doing better than I did!  Way to go!

Tell Bud happy birthday for me!  I remembered for sure but didn't remember to wish him a good one.  Glad things are goin well for him now job-wise. Hope he can find somethin closer to ya so he doesn't hafta to leave!  Tell hi hey and I'll learn how to make chicken adobo for him before I get home.

Hahaha!  Please tell me you got a pic of her with the old guys! :)  Cool beans

Aww man!  I didn't get the Gpa picture but I bet it was epic :)  Nachoooooooooo!  Sometimes when you are a man.... alone in your room.... you wear strechy pants.  It's for fun.  hahaha!!! :D  I miss it, good times :)  Can't wait to get back with ya and watch it :)

Coolest thing ever the other night haha :)  We've got a family here that's our favorite in the ward.  They're the Bagang family.  The baptism we'll have on the 23rd is Novelyn, Sister's 16 yr-old daughter.  We call Sister Bagang our nanay and she calls us her anak haha.  So Sister Bagang owns a tindahan.  Kinda like a drug store but it's just in a house and people outside walk up to the window and buy stuff.  Last night while we were eating dinner there and they put me in charge of selling things to all the kids in Tagalog.  It was a blast haha, all the kids there are obsessed with me cuz I'm an American so I sold stuff and played with them for almost 20 minutes haha.  Cool beans :)



Love ya TONS!!! :)  Look forward to da emails every week!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY POPS!!! Love and miss ya! :)


Elder Compao's Birthday epicness
Boog gets bored with a buncha bananas :o)
Cockroach get's the "Ring of Fire" :)

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