Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Three Baptismal Dates!!!! :D Received 6-18-2012

Hey yous! :)

Hahaha, that was quite the surprise this morning to see your number calling me.  I had just seen that I had missed your call and was wondering "What's going on?" when you called again.  Great to hear your voices and that your staying happy despite a tough week.

Glad to hear that Aunt Chris passed peacefully and that she no longer has to suffer.  She's always been so kind and loving to all of us and I'll miss her.  I think my favorite memory of Aunt Chris was back when I was only 10 years old... maybe younger like 7 and Grandpa Slater and I would mow her lawn.  I was a little shy and didn't know her too well then but she was always so kind to me and I remember having fun with her and her dogs Elvis and Paco :)  There really is great comfort in the knowledge we have that life didn't start here and it doesn't end here either.  The Plan of Salvation is my favorite lesson to teach :)  Hope things go well with the funeral and that you don't all stress out too much.  It'll go great.  Send my love to everyone and let them know I'm praying for them.  Lemme know if there's anything I can do to help.

Left to Right- Aunt Nancy, Elder Powell, and Aunt Chris
Love Ya Chris!!
There have already been 2 typhoons I think but they were mostly in the southern Philippines.  We got a pretty awesome storm last night but that's been it here.  I feel bad for saying it but I'm excited to experience a typhoon :)  There's not too much in the way of natural disasters in Utah so this will be a first for me.  Apparently the flooding gets really bad, especially near the "beautiful" "clean" (...not really:) rivers.  I'll let ya know if we get one.  Haven't heard bout the earthquake, sounds cool though :o)

We're still not teaching very many people but the people we are teaching are progressing a bunch! :)  We've got 3 people that have baptismal dates and 1 person that just needs to get married so he can get baptized.  Woot! :)

One of them, Novelyn Bagang (16), is getting baptized this weekend.  Her family is SO awesome! :)  They're the ones we went to for E. Compao's birthday and we're super close with them.  We call her mom our nanay and she's like our kapatid :)  She actually reminds me a bit of Chelsey haha.  Super fun :)I'm famous in their neighborhood because they own a tindahan(the mini drug store in a house I told ya bout last week) and I always sell stuff for them haha.  The kids are always staring in their windows and yelling Hey Joe! at us :)  So she'll be baptized this weekend.  Woot! :)

Another one is Ronnie Eduria who's 17.  When we started teaching he was SUPER shy and didn't talk at all but he's opened up a bit and is even taking Seminary! :D  Woot!  He's gonna get baptized on July 7.
Another is Andrea Keil.  She's Aleli's(the girl we baptized June 3) cousin.  She's more shy than Aleli but is super nice.  Her dad is a really fun joker and her mom's Catholic but really nice too.  Hopefully we'll be able to teach her mom too.

So yup!  Nothing out of the ordinary going on.... but I did eat a chicken head the other day :)  Pretty pointless.  There's no meat on there but the brain and the eyes really. Hahaha, don't worry I skipped the brain and eyes but the rest was mostly bones.

Go Thunder!!!!  Everyone in the Philippines is either obsessed with Kobe and the Lakers or LeBron and the Heat.  Lame sauce!  Haha, you'll hafta cheer on Kevin Durrant for me.  Another thought.  Not sure if I'm more of a fan of James Harden or his beard... They're both kinda epic :)

Happy Father's Day Pops!!! :D  Thanks for the great example you've always been.  Miss and love ya! :)  It was pretty funny hearing mom say "Happy TatAy's Day" instead of Happy Tatay's Day (More like Tawt-I:)  haha, hope it was a good one for y'all.

We found a really weird fish on the edge of the river on the way to an appointment.  We only have 3 members and 2 people we're teaching there right now and they don't seem too interested at all at this point.  So I'm not sure if we go there to teach or for the cool riverside walk but it's worth it either way :)

One is Thomas, the one that needs to get married to get baptized.  He's SUPER nice and referred his aunt and her family to us this last week and they seem interested to listen too.... WOOT! :)

The one with the SUPER cute kid is part of the Monreal Family (Thomas is part of it too).  Haha, the cute one's name is Brix and he reminds me a bit of Blakers :)  There family actually reminds me of our Slater family on a family reunion.  They all live in the same house (about 5 of Sister Monreal's 7 kids and then her grandchildren) and they have no power.  Reminds me of camping out with the Slaters :)  The kids all flock to me and hang off my arms and legs hahaha.  It's a blast :)

I think me and E Compao might both be getting transferred next week.  It's really too bad because I already love this area.  The people are so cool and I've had a lot of fun here and I'll miss em if we're both out.  Transfer week is next week so I'll be emailing y'all on Wednesday.

LOVE YA!!!  Have a great week! :)
Da Beej

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