Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Much Anticipated Visit From Elder Russell M. Nelson (Received-05-30-2012)

Hiya! :D

How is my fantastimagical family this week? :)  We had a pretty intense week.  Not too many people to teach here and I'm still getting used to the area so things are going a little bit slow.  Elder Compao is a lot of fun still :)  The apartment's not bad at all.  2 stories with a little tiny balcony.  It even has chandeliers in the kitchen!  It's always hot though... Thinking we'll have to buy some Air Con haha.  We've had a couple of cockroaches but the ants aren't nearly as bad as Panghulo and Meycauayan.  There aren't very many lizards at all though :(  haha, no worries.  I'll send ya a picture of it.
So I just tried it on GoogleMaps and if you search "Northview 1, Batasan Hills, Quezon City" It'll show our subdivision.  Then we're the 3rd to last house on Citrine St.  It's the small Orange roof close to Moonstone St.  Good luck! :)

Elder Russell M. Nelson was awesome!  The spirit was super strong with him, especially when I got to shake his hand.  He was super smiley and seemed really happy to be there.  He talked to us about our Purpose as missionaries and how it helps move forward the purpose of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the church, the Priesthood, the Book of Mormon and all sorts of stuff.  Pretty cool :)  Like I said the coolest part was just being in the presence of an Apostle and feeling his spirit.  Not sure why he was visiting the Philippines but we were lucky enough to hear from him.  When he spake to us the WHOLE mission got together to listen to him.  Which means I saw all my companions, friends, MTC batch, the works :)  Fun stuff.  We got a 4-generation mission family picture haha :)  Elder Kessler (Tall guy) is my lolo (Grandfather), Elder Sidillo is tatay (Father), Elder Montemayor is my anak (Child/Son), Elder Green (far right) is my kapatid (Sibling/Brother), and Elder.... on the far left is my tito (Uncle). haha Woot! :)

Devin Eddington is coming home from the mish??  That's crazy!  Time is super slow but super fast at the same time haha :)  Tell him hi and congrats for me.  Wow, 2 farewell talks in a row?  Our wards starting to explode with missionary work huh?  Neat stuff!

Woot!  Way to go on graduating Heather! :D  Umm.... I'm thinking you and Chelsey need to be roommates at Snow. Yup. For sure.  Haha, congrats! :)

Man I'm missing out on the beginnings of a couple future sports stars eh?  Way to go you 2!  Keep up the good work! Did Hunter end up doing that Bantam Ball League?  Hahaha, I remember Fishin in the Dark song!  haha it's stuck in my head now! Blech! :P  haha good times.  Kid looks old!  Pretty epic Avengers fingernails Ky! haha, which one's your favorite?

What in the world?  The basement looks awesome!!  Man, now I feel like I'm missin out on the work, no fair! :)  Looks good, I thought it would never look like that haha.  Pretty nice :)  Awesome pics!!  Like the birdfeeder pops! :)  Keep the pics comin, I love em! :)

So we've hopefully got a baptism this weekend! :D  Her name is Aleli Keil, she 10 years old, SUPER smart, been attending primary for a long time and has been visiting her Gma for the summer.  Pretty excited. Other than her though we aren't teaching hardly any people haha.  Elder Compao only knows a small part of our area because it's the only place they went so we only know a few people in that area and after that we're out of luck :P  There's 3 investigators and 3 LA families... hoping we can find LOTS of people this week so if you're looking for something to pray for, that would be good ;)  I've always been too shy to tell random people about the Gospel but I'm hopin I can shake that off this week :)

Love ya TONS!!!  Let me know if I can do anything for yall or pray for anyone or anything specifically :)

ElDeR PoWelL

P.S.-That guy in the weeds?  He weed-whacked that ENTIRE field... YIKES!!  I'll never whine in yardwork again! Well... ok ya I will :o)

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